A scuba diver, a bubble ring, and three stones in 9 seconds (video)

There’s some kind of meaning of life aspect to this video that I’m clearly not getting.


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  • ottnott

    Underwater testing of new technology to protect Earth from asteroids.

  • BillFromDover

    Ya really had me until that made up thing.

    Now, out to look for more mushrooms.

  • BillFromDover

    Underwater broomless vertical curling, and that was a blast?

    The next ripoff rigged carnival game?

    A moment of Zen?

    Beats me.

  • That works!

  • Right…The last katakana characters say Renga.

  • LOL

  • Mad props for the MST3K clip. Never fails to brighten my day.

  • Monoceros Forth
  • Jim Olson

    Or, it could just be a diver fooling around in the water, doing a clever trick with a bubble, with no deeper meaning than that. I think we all read too much into things sometimes.

  • Ninong

    水中での新しい遊びです。(笑) That’s the caption. Google translates that as “it’s a new game in the water. LOL” Think of it as underwater bowling. Sorta.

  • Jeffrey Karter

    He’s simply demonstrating his air-bending skills underwater.

    annette is right with the subtext, though. Humans like to demonstrate their power, and that often includes the power of destruction.

  • jm

    it’s reference to street fighter (an original NES game, and a kind of generational reference, at that): http://popphysics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/hadouken.jpg

  • annetteboardman

    It seems more to me that it is a statement that wherever humans go, we rejoice in the destruction of things. It fits with the awfully depressing humans-killing-animals stories John has been posting this week.

  • Works for me.

  • Dave of the Jungle

    The three rocks represent Earth, Man and Heaven. The ring represents Universal Cosmic Intention descending into the Earth Plane where is controls the Destiny of Mankind.

    OK, I made that up.

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