2 y.o. Chinese girl falls from 5th floor window, caught by 8 men (video)

I saw this amazing video of eight or so motorcycle couriers apparently catching a child falling from out of nowhere, googled it, and it’s for real.  It happened yesterday in Ninghai, China, when a 2 year old girl fell from a fifth floor window, and was caught by eight or so couriers.


The BBC reports that the girl had just awoken from a nap, crawled out the window, and fell.

Several of the men who caught her were injured, but she only received a minor injury on her face.

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  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I cannot hear the song “Tears in Heaven” without thinking about Eric Clapton’s son. Actually, I cannot listen to “Layla” without thinking of him. At times like that, I’m thankful for being an overattentive dad. Still, as I remember the incident, the housekeeper was the one not paying attention.

  • Odd how capitalism is no different. One might think they were essentially the same system, with power and wealth constrained to a very few, while everybody else has to work their asses off just to keep a roof over their heads.

  • That is one seriously lucky kid.

  • quax

    In Western countries it’s illegal to leave them alone like this. Yet, in China life’s so tough that the parents probably have little choice than to both work in order to put food on the table.

    Odd communism that …

  • cole3244

    nice to see someone was looking out for the baby.

  • TonyT


  • I can’t fathom how it could happen, aside from sheer neglect… but it isn’t exactly unheard of, seems to be a similar incident in the news every few months. That’s how Eric Clapton’s 4 year old son died, when a housekeeper left the bathroom window open of their 53rd floor Manhattan apartment, and apparently no one was supervising him. I won’t even leave my windows open because I’m afraid of my cats falling out… I would think I’d be even more paranoid with children around.

  • Zorba

    What is it with babies falling out of buildings? Where were the parents?
    Just the other day in Brooklyn, Cristina Torre, daughter of legendary former Yankees manager Joe Torre, caught a one-year-old boy who fell from an awning, after he climbed out a window while his parents were asleep. Those parents were charged with neglect, and their other three children have been placed in the care of the state.

  • Those guys are poor. Hope they got medical attention. Heroic.

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