Wolf Blitzer asks atheist Oklahoma tornado survivor “if she thanks the Lord”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer walked into that one.  Blitzer is interviewing an Oklahoma tornado survivor when he asks her if she “thanks the Lord” for saving her and her family.

The woman responds, uncomfortably, well I’m an atheist.

Blitzer: You gotta thank the Lord, right? Do you thank the Lord for that split second decision?

Woman: I, I, I’m… I’m actually an atheist.

Blitzer: Oh you are, all right.


It made for fun TV.  And I don’t knock Blitzer.  It’s not easy trying to interview people, non-stop, on the spot and keep things flowing with no script.  Yes, it was a goofy question, but he probably assumed he was in conservative country.

Anyway it’s a funny video, enjoy:

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