Weekend cooking – Pan Bagnat (Video)

Despite cold temperatures in Paris recently, summer really is getting closer. Last night people were pulling out their winter parkas, gloves and hats again as temperatures dropped. Sunny skies are back today and we’re less than a month away from summer solstice.

I’ve been making something like this for years, but with a few simple changes. It’s less typical to see raw red peppers in France being served, because many here complain about problems digesting them. While that doesn’t stop me from eating them raw, for this sandwich, I do prefer roasted peppers instead. It’s a different texture and taste and I think it’s a better fit.

Also, I tend to go through a lot of tapenade (or sometimes just olive paste) in the summer so there’s always a jar of it open in the fridge. I’ll often add a layer of tapenade onto the bread, followed by the roasted red pepper and then tuna in olive oil. And yes, it really needs to be the tuna in olive oil to make it all work.

As with all recipes, nothing is carved in stone so use what you like and adjust accordingly. I generally don’t even do the wrapping and sitting for a day part and just eat after it’s been prepared. It’s a fantastic picnic food.

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