WANTED: NYPD releases video of possible Knicks-fan gay-bashers

The NYPD has released a video (below) of eight “persons of interest” regarding a suspected hate crime against two gay men walking by Madison Square Garden in New York City Sunday night, following a New York Knicks basketball game.

The gay men were holding hands, and suddenly were knocked to the ground and beaten by a group of Knicks fans yelling homophobic slurs.  A witness took a video with their phone.

Note how person of interest 8 is actually smiling moments after the attack (so are 2 and 7, below):


I’ve grabbed screen shots of the eight Knicks fans who are wanted for questioning.  If you recognize any of them, contact the police:

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at nypdcrimestoppers.com or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577. All calls are strictly confidential.



Larger version:


Larger version:



Larger version:



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  • ComradeRutherford

    You are not familiar with the NYPD, and police in general. They are very serious about keeping their monopoly on unmotivated violence.

  • Uhhh. Isn’t this supposed to be about keeping peace? Not violence?

  • Do you know for a certainty that all of the young men in that video witnessed the attack? Or are you just assuming it, like so many others, without proof?

  • cuckholddon

    Does it matter just how many of this group punched/kicked ect?
    If a few did the dirty work& the rest cheered them on-They,to have to face the consequences!

  • cuckholddon

    You are so correct!

  • cuckholddon

    Real tough guys–8 of them jump two people!
    Thier parents must be”” Real Proud” to have raised such bigots so full of hate!
    & to think that there are still people who don’t think that things like Gay pride parades& events should be happening because gays have “Some” rights now!
    This is just another case that proves”extreem” predudice & that there are “Many” still that don’t think itwarrants getting involved(I’m pretty shure there were others around!
    In a free country-Why would this happen?

  • goulo

    Based on the fact that people tend to hang out with like-minded friends. If a group of friends are so blatantly anti-gay that they physically assault a gay couple, it’s pretty reasonable to suppose that many or most of their other friends are probably also anti-gay. Such virulently anti-gay people are not highly likely to be good friends with people who support gay rights – and similarly in the other direction.

  • nicho

    All rage — no logic.

  • How can you sip tea through that hood of yours?

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Where did you get this photo? Who sent you? What do you know?

  • TeaTime

    Based on what exactly? The way they look? The way they’re dressed? And what’s worse JA, the endorsement and encouragement — “That’s my concern”. You looked at a photo and not only made a judgment about the people in the photo but about someone who could possibly recognize those in the photo.

    How are you any different from the New York Post and what they did to the two ‘kids’ they put on their cover as terrorist suspects (Bag Men).

    It is getting harder to hide your true colors. The next time you complain about FRC being on CNN, we’ll be sure to send to CNN collected posts like this from your site.

  • Stev84

    So much for “We can’t identify anyone because hundreds of people wore the same ports jerseys”

  • pappyvet


  • HolyMoly

    I started thinking about what you said, and more than a couple of things came to mind.

    (1) There is an increasing amount of government surveillance taking place, anywhere from phone-tapping without the constitutionally required warrant to surveillance cameras on every street corner. The potential for abuse is very high, not to mention the constitutional issues (I remember in the 1990s when cameras were placed at some of my city’s intersections to snap pics of any car that ran a red light — “Big Brother” had become a reality, and many people here were alarmed by it, so much so that the city removed the cameras). So the question is, why would surveillance cameras on every street corner even be necessary, given that the citizens themselves are armed with the technology? Why even bother with the legal challenges and the potential for abuse?

    (2) The press, and citizens with social media, are not governed by any sort of oversight and, as you pointed out, this can lead to wrongfully publishing or posting pictures of innocent people, which could endanger their lives. As far as the press is concerned, I guess some amount of internal and public pressure could prevent things like this from happening, but reforms usually don’t take place until AFTER something bad happens (as an unrelated example, school buses didn’t ever stop at railroad crossings until AFTER a busload of kids were crushed to death by an oncoming train). As far as the public with their smart phones, well, I guess there’s really no way to regulate what they film and what they post. And I really don’t think there should be. Technology is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately you have to take the good with the bad.

    These two thoughts kind of lead to a paradoxical sort of situation. Government surveillance is not all that great of a thing, but neither is a mob with smart phones or a newspaper trying to generate sales with their latest unverified “scoop.” Not that I see any way that we can stop either from happening at this point — we seem to have gone too far down the road in the past decade or so.

  • HolyMoly

    These are remarkably clearer than the Boston pics. I don’t know why the NYPD couldn’t peruse the state DMV database to find some matches (if they’re not from NJ). I have faith that someone with a conscience will turn at least one of them in. Maybe their best buddies applaud what they did, but there are always teachers, employers, neighbors, etc. who don’t have any reason to protect their identities.

  • ComradeRutherford

    See, now this is why we need a Republican President, so beating up people you don’t like will be legal.

  • Let’s remember: Wanted for questioning. It’s difficult to tell from that video whether it’s because some or all of them actually participated or merely saw what happened and should have reported it.

    Just the other day in Cleveland, three men were arrested in that horrific abduction case, then two of the brothers soon let go after police determined they weren’t involved.

    Just sayin’. I get nervous around this new trend of increasingly crowd-sourced law enforcement and justice, especially given how wrong it went several times during the Boston marathon bombing case.

  • cole3244

    one person with a camera phone had a conscience and a brain which may be the haters undoing.

  • Yep, the most of the NYPD are Neanderthals too, but evidence is evidence.

  • Bravo!

  • Thank you!!!!! for doing this. We can now ‘Boston’ Thugs, when ever they attack. Great idea!

  • That’s my concern. Then again, it only takes one person with a grudge to call the cops.

  • nicho

    Why do I have the feeling that anyone who knows them and can recognize them from the photo won’t be upset at what they did?

  • UncleBucky

    Pics are as clear as the ones from Boston. No worries! :D

  • UncleBucky

    And, when they are apprehended, they will cry like 9-year olds….

  • cole3244

    it always amazes me that it takes a large group of straight guys to take on one or two supposed feminine gay men, not only are bigots stupid but gutless cowards on top of it.
    i don’t have much faith in the nypd charging these neanderthals but one can hope some citizen will put pressure on the authorities to do the right thing.

  • pappyvet

    Lets hope they are found and brought to justice. Lets hope……

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