Video shot INSIDE a tornado yesterday in Kansas (video)

This is a wild video. On a par with some of the best ones from the Oklahoma tornado last week.

It was shot by some stormchasers yesterday, during a Kansas tornado.  They are literally INSIDE the tornado, filming from inside their car.  Top winds were 150mph to 175mph.


I realize these folks are professionals, but would a tree limb moving 175 mph really be stopped by any kind of vehicle window? (h/t Towleroad)

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  • cole3244

    maybe sky dive without a chute?

  • AttilatheBlond

    Submersibles for REAL depths don’t have windows, they have cameras.

  • nobonesl

    Just a toy to Godzilla.

  • nobonesl

    I live in California, and I think tornadoes are way scarier than earthquakes. OK, quakes happen suddenly and unexpectedly. But tornadoes just keep on going and going and can cause even more total destruction than EQs.
    If your building is well-made, you’ll probably be OK in a big quake. Not so in a tornado.

  • barrykyle415

    That’s one hell of a scary car wash.

  • barrykyle415

    It is gravity. The truck is modified to weigh 8.5 tons.

  • Holy cow! Just looked at those links!

  • Oh intg.

  • Actually, gravity won’t help you. The big tornado we had in the Chicago burbs when I was growing up hit a major intersection during rush hour, threw 25-40 cars, like paper dolls, killing 16 people in the cars.

  • William Brinkman

    The point is, this is a truck specifically modified to survive a tornado. I hope this doesn’t inspire people to drive their normal cars into a tornado.

  • BillFromDover

    Whadda ya suppose these guys do for weekend fun, sky dive and bungee jump?

  • BillFromDover

    I suppose if they can design windows to within unbelievable pressure on ocean deep-diving subs, a simple two x four, or Golden Retriever traveling at 200+ mph is a piece of cake?

  • BillFromDover

    Gravity, although this is an educated guess?

    Then again, I can see the Tornado Truthers claiming all things bullshit as anybody knowing anything about Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous works can readily see that this entire video is a compilation from his film The Birds with a tad of dreariness thrown in for realism.

    I rest my case!

  • Roman Berry

    It was the TiV2. 1.63 inch thick bullet resistant polycarbonate windows. Not your average truck. Has it’s own entry on Wikipedia. Pics via Google.

  • Tony T

    Damn. and I left my iron skirt at the cleaners. :-)

  • The post says something about an iron skirt. I’d still like to know how they planned to stop 150 mph trees, or bricks, or dogs, from flying through the window.

  • Phil

    If intentional, not the brightest move.

    (and the question begs to be asked: did they end up landing on a witch wearing ruby slippers and stripped stockings?)

  • How did they keep their truck anchored to the ground?

  • cole3244

    that would be my last storm chaser trip, i don’t know if they planned that or got caught by surprise, if the former that’s a very crazy bunch to be sure.

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