TSA dog bites woman in stomach for no reason, she says (video)

A Georgia woman says she was waiting for her sister at Atlanta’s airport when a TSA officer walked by with a bomb-sniffing dog, and the dog suddenly bit her in the stomach, for no reason.

She says she didn’t realize her clothes were ripped, or that she had multiple, nasty, puncture wounds in her belly until she went out to her car.  She then came back in to report it.

Naturally, there was no follow-up from the TSA or the police about the incident.

Understandably, the woman is a bit concerned that, if her story is true, a TSA dog would attack someone in an airport without cause.

Sue Dubitsky's wounds from an alleged attack by a TSA dog at Atlanta's airport. (Source: collegepark.11alive.com)

Sue Dubitsky’s wounds from an alleged attack by a TSA dog at Atlanta’s airport. (Source: collegepark.11alive.com)

Her wounds from the dog bite are nothing to dismiss. First of all, look at the photo – this is hardly some scratch.

As much as I love dogs, a biting dog should never be tolerated, especially in such circumstances. Our former deputy on the blog, Joe Sudbay, got bitten by a dog a few years back in the park, and thought nothing of it until he found out later that if he didn’t find the dog, he’d need to get rabies shots.  Dog bites are notoriously dirty things.  Presumably the TSA dogs had their shots, so the woman doesn’t need to get hers.  But still.

The other reason dog bites are serious is because if they’ve bitten someone once, for no reason, chances are good they either have done it before or they will do it again. This reported bite is serious enough, since she was bleeding and it left a good-sized mark. The next time it could easily be a kid or an elderly traveler who is not so fortunate.

Dubitsky is right to raise this with the TSA, and to worry about what might have happened if the dog had attacked a child instead of an adult. She’s also right to expect an update and clarification as to why the dog is still on active duty, risking other travelers.

Well, she’s right to want an update, not to actually expect she’ll get one.

Here’s a report from CollegePark.11alive.com:

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