The periodic table of elements, in song (video)

I had no idea the periodic table of elements  had gotten so big.  Though I had heard there was a song.  This is a particularly good one.


God I feel old.

And amazed, which helps.

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  • Krusher

    Best thing since Tom Lehrer.

  • silas1898

    Sounds like a “Jeopardy!” answer.

  • The last time I checked, Copernicum was just named as 112. I’ve tried to memorize the table many times, but never in song. It’s very clever to put them in order and make pictures, because we think in pictures. Long ago, I memorized the presidents (when there were 36), but I haven’t put together the Justices on the Supreme Court (more than one hundred like the elements) yet. In the case of the Justices, I have them down from the New Deal. Hugo Black, anyone?

  • That’s a pet peeve of mine, mixing up “silicon” and “silicone”. Similarly I always wince when I see “phosphorus” (a noun) and “phosphorous” (an adjective) confused though that’s a matter of spelling and not pronunciation.

  • cay

    I stopped after silicon and the boobs. Silicone is different from the element silicon!

  • That was wonderful

  • “God I feel old.” Same here John, and like you, I never cease to wonder and be amazed!

  • I believe this is the canonical version:

  • MarkB

    In the 1960s, Tom Lehrer did a similar song about the elements.

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