The best Michael Jackson “moonwalk” video

A neat rehearsal video of Michael Jackson doing the “moonwalk.” Close-up, and amazing.


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  • Jim Olson

    Yes, it is my opinion. And, as I said in my comment to FLL above, I said nothing about the church. I do not disagree with you; more Priests in jail would be an excellent thing; they can share cell space with their Bishops.

  • Jim Olson

    FLL, where in my comment about Michael Jackson did I reference the church? I don’t disagree that the horrors perpetrated on minors by Priests, and the continuing coverup by the hierarchy is just the worst. My comment about Michael Jackson said nothing about the Church. I posthumously accused Michael Jackson of being a criminal paedophile. It is my opinion, (perhaps unfounded; he was never found guilty), nothing more. I do not see magic in what Michael Jackson did; I see a very sad, broken human being with a lot to answer for. The sooner we all get past the sanctification of Michael Jackson, the better. Thank you for your compliment.

  • If you have read the FBI files and court transcripts of the 2005 and 1993 cases,and the history of the families that accused him, and the amount of humanitarian effort he gave to disadvantaged families since the 1970s, then you can claim to be an expert on Michael Jackson. You might think you know something about Michael Jackson the person, however you might not know everything about him. Either way, you can read the evidence if you wish in the link I posted earlier or not, but if you really would like to know, then seek knowledge before judging. Become the detective.

  • “Do you really know anything about MJ” Yes

  • Idiot, His music is great. He is a pedophile. Your defensiveness is transparent. I never said you were pushing pedophilia—you did—stay away from children creep.

  • Do you really know anything about MJ or are you just going by tabloid lies? Because there are so many great things about him that have been misconstrued and hidden from you by the media. If you want to know more about MJ, look at the evidence before trying to judge someone, please. Here’s a link if you want to know: You can read it and come to your own conclusions based on evidence and also based on this man as a person, not who the media portrayed him to be.

  • martin

    That’s amazing, because you think he’s guilty, his music is now “pedophilia”, and because I don’t necessarily jump to conclusions, and still like his dancing and music, I’m “pushing Pedophilia”.

  • Yadda, yadda. Picture this: a mature single man wearing major makeup with so many face lifts he looks like John Rivers, sleeps with boys over nite and grooms them with money and toys. I wouldn’t let any children within a thousand miles of him.

  • FLL

    “He learned it by practicing shiatsu backwards on boys under 10.”

    OK, your reply to Tony Tyner above was witty, but I think you’re using hyperbole to be entertaining. I say that only because I actually looked up the data from the accusations against Jackson in 1993 and 2003, and both of those boys were 13. Martin, in his comment below, uses the phrase “according to our current laws” when talking about the accusations against Jackson, by which he’s reminding people that laws do change. In my comment, I described the guidelines that the Netherlands and Spain would use to determine sexual exploitation in a case such as Jackson’s.

    Tell you what. Let’s think of the NATO family of nations that have been friends since WWII and have stuck together through thick and thin. Friends can disagree about their specific laws and still remain friends. No j’accuse from me. Fair enough?

  • Michael was a great person, and I can’t believe in this accusations. And also he tried to save a lot of children giving your tour’s money. He was a savior for a lot of people and don’t deserved this kind of lies about him

  • He learned it by practicing shiatsu backwards on boys under 10.

  • Whoooo, whoooo all abroad the denial pervert train. Maybe a free tour of Jackson’s petting zoo, some free candy and an over-nite with a wrestling game? The pro Jackson’s on this thread sound like NAMBLA enthusiasts.

  • You Keep quiet and soft peddling pedophilia so you can be entertained. You rationalize like a perv. Bishop.

  • Sorry FLL, excepting the odd accusation of JA, which was overblown in your j’acusse . I couldn’t agree less with you agree with Jim. that Jackson was a sick, albeit genius talent, pedophile, who used his wealth and fame to groom and cultivate boys. He should have spent his last days doing the moonwalk in prison. Jackson was the OJ Simpson for pedophiles.

  • FLL

    The sexual cases that come to light involving Roman Catholic clergy involve the intimidation of minors, that is to say, minors who were pressured into sexual activity by men who were in positions of spiritual authority over them. Those minors were conditioned to understand that the Catholic clergymen who sought sex with them represented the Holy Mother Church, and by extension, God. Please do not draw a false equivalency between these cases and Michael Jackson. When you draw this equivalency, you are accusing John Aravosis of giving credibility to someone who is just as bad as a priest using spiritual authority over minors. You couldn’t be more mistaken. From the court records in Michael Jackson’s trials, financial exploitation did not seem to be a factor either since the minors were from very wealthy families. In fact, this is the rubric with which countries like the Netherlands and Spain judge whether minors have been exploited: Did the accused hold a position of authority over them, or was there a great disparity of wealth between their respective families?

    Jim, I have always enjoyed your incisive commentary, but I would truly ask you to think this one through again.

  • martin

    I’m sorry, but you are completely full of it, Yes, he is and was and always will be a Suspected Child molester according to our current laws. But he was tried court of law and found Not Guilty. So keep quiet, and let people enjoy some of the magic that he created.

  • ComradeRutherford

    A well executed Moonwalk is an amazing optical illusion. I just showed my young daughters how to do it, it’s fairly easy to actually do, but difficult to do well!

  • Indigo

    He’s the King of Pop.

  • awsm video… still cant understand how he does these moves..

  • JozefAL

    Fuck off, loser. There was absolutely NO hard evidence against Jackson. It was all allegations and insinuations. The Roman Catholic Church bears far more guilt over pedophilia than any of the allegations faced by Jackson.
    And yet, the Roman Catholic Church and its top officials who were complicit in the pedophilia by moving guilty priests from parish to parish, diocese to diocese, country to country remain free to continue their crimes, and continue denying their crimes, and worse, continue accusing their victims of lying about the abuses.
    But yeah. Jackson’s alleged crimes are so much worse than the Church’s. If that makes you sleep better at night, whatever. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but that’s all it is. An opinion without anything to prove its validity.

  • My head still can’t wrap around how he did that.

  • Jim Olson

    I’m sorry, but this man was a criminal paedophile who should have been in jail decades ago. Highlighting him only gives him credibility.

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