Some amazing skiing by Candide Thovex. You are there. (video)

French professional skier Candide Thovex puts a camera on and then skis.

I ski. Not like this, but I do ski. And some of these moves don’t strike me as the wisest. But he’s a pro.

It’s an amazing video.


I particularly enjoyed this segment, where you see him about to jump over 3 other skiers:


Now get a better look at the skiers:



And be sure to watch the last half minute of the video as well.

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  • kartski

    Have you seen this one, it has been on a lot of Skiing Boards……….

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  • That was my impression. I was trying to be nice in the post, but a lot of his moves, professional or not, strike me as inappropriate skiing, as a fellow skier.

  • HeartlandLiberal

    Have you considered using Firefox browser with NoScript and Better Privacy? With NoScript, you just trust the root URLs, only progressively trust other URLs on the site once you trust them, or test and are satisfied they are not malicious or will overwhelm the browser. I am often amazed when I am at someone else’s computer using IE from MickeySoft as browser, with no protections. I am reminded of how cluttered, ugly, busy, overwrought, and downright disgusting so much web design out there is. A view I rarely see using the combo suggested above.

    I would agree, though, that John should have an expert in web design review how the site is structured, and the impact the various components, including the ad services, is having. I recall that before the current redesign, FWIW, the overload when loading the site was even worse.

  • Max_1


    1) The headline “Some amazing skiing buy Candide Thovex. You are there. (video)”


    2) Your website still dumps a shitload of info onto my phsycal memory.
    Initial opening of ONE web page on YOUR SITE ONLY will result in about 145,000k of information. Normal for ANY web page on the net. Even HuffPo’s highly info demand site. However, the longer I stay ON YOUR SITE ONLY, the more info gets dumped into my temp file thus causing my browser to fail. If I stop the page load BEFORE it is fully loaded, the dump ceases. If I don’t stop the page load and let it fully load, my temp folder will swell to over 1,000,000K of info. This doesn’t happen to any other blog site I go to. In fact, I can open several pages, 8-10 pages open at a time on other sites and only experience a slight bump up of info dump to around 350,000k. I think you have an ad setting wrong or something.

    OS: Windows VISTA
    Browser: Safari

  • Miros

    Skiing between the people on the tow-bar?

    Christ, what an asshole.

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