So how about this Amanda Berry kidnap & rescue story?

UPDATE: Amanda Berry’s hero Charles Ramsey was arrested convicted three times for domestic violence, and sentence to prison twice for it.


I was visiting my family in Chicago and vaguely heard about this Amanda Berry story last night – I heard her savior Charles Ramsey talking about a white girl running into the arms of a black man, and kind of scratched my head. Just had time to delve into it now.  And wow. Ten years. My God.

Okay, for those who were living with me under a rock.  13, 17 and 22 year old women get kidnapped in Cleveland. No one can find them. Ten years pass.  Guy hears woman screaming bloody murder from a locked house.  He knocks down part of the door, she comes out, and it’s Amanda Berry, one of the three kidnap victims.  The other two are in side the house.  Guy calls 911. Has a colorful conversation, below. Cops rescue other 2 women. Three guys who held them are under arrest.

And this Charles Ramsey guy who saved her is a riot. CNN:

He added, “I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway.”

In one of the top tweets about Ramsey, comedian Patton Oswalt wrote, “Dear Charles Ramsey: I am not a little pretty white girl, but I totally want to run into your black arms. #hero.”


Here’s the audio of Charles Ramsey’s 911 call:

And CBS News has done a transcript.

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