So how about this Amanda Berry kidnap & rescue story?

UPDATE: Amanda Berry’s hero Charles Ramsey was arrested convicted three times for domestic violence, and sentence to prison twice for it.


I was visiting my family in Chicago and vaguely heard about this Amanda Berry story last night – I heard her savior Charles Ramsey talking about a white girl running into the arms of a black man, and kind of scratched my head. Just had time to delve into it now.  And wow. Ten years. My God.

Okay, for those who were living with me under a rock.  13, 17 and 22 year old women get kidnapped in Cleveland. No one can find them. Ten years pass.  Guy hears woman screaming bloody murder from a locked house.  He knocks down part of the door, she comes out, and it’s Amanda Berry, one of the three kidnap victims.  The other two are in side the house.  Guy calls 911. Has a colorful conversation, below. Cops rescue other 2 women. Three guys who held them are under arrest.

And this Charles Ramsey guy who saved her is a riot. CNN:

He added, “I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway.”

In one of the top tweets about Ramsey, comedian Patton Oswalt wrote, “Dear Charles Ramsey: I am not a little pretty white girl, but I totally want to run into your black arms. #hero.”


Here’s the audio of Charles Ramsey’s 911 call:

And CBS News has done a transcript.

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    Something is wrong here.

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  • olcinius

    The mother is dead. Sylvia the psychic is being bashed for being “wrong”. If anyone can find a decent picture of the original amanda and an old picture to compare and overlay I think then we will only know the truth. As for Beverly: It is time for people to wake up and realize that the MEDIA is OWNED,CONTROLLED by the CFR, ROCKEFELLER, MOSSAD(ISRAEL) and many many many JEWS for the goi.

  • lynchie

    Yeah but it is only effective if you wrap it 14 times around your head and seal it with duct tape.

  • lynchie

    Well hopefully he would have had a whole bunch of guns and a huge shoot out would occur and the girls would be killed. What is your point ass hat. We all need guns…..dumbass.

  • I don’t respond to troll-bait.

  • flocculent

    self-unaware much?

  • flocculent

    So you made some men uncomfortable. Good for you. What exactly do you think you achieved? Is even one woman safer because you are a snark-meister, or did you merely in another wedge?

  • ezpz

    Wow. Thanks. I just heard that the ex (common law) wife, mother of the daughters he often abducted, did die of brain cancer.
    Sad – and scary – what human beings (I use the term loosely) are capable of.

  • Jeffrey Dahmer was a cannibal, who specialized in gay boy stew..

  • PeteWa

    and the perpetrators are vastly in the male category.

  • Some are clearly uncomfortable admitting this kind of crime 99.99% of the time only happens to women.

  • Absolutely no leeway. There are protocols, and they make the difference between life and death. A snotty 911 attitude is dangerous and can cost lives.

  • I can just see 911/her: Lilly Tomlin chewing gum, doing her nails, pissed that she had to put down that Vogue she stole from the dentist’s office.

  • “The CPD denies getting the calls.” I don’t doubt it. Domestic abuse is a matter of private marital affairs among the Blue crowd, because so many of them are abusers themselves.

  • The latest thing is mylar, because they found it at area 51 and makes one invisible.

  • Good god, let’s hope so.

  • PeteWa

    np, it’s ridiculous the way people were trying to take apart your comment.

  • Thanks Pete.

  • ckg1

    Uh…has anyone thought that Bev has got her sarcasm meter running at full speed?

  • pappyvet

    Just for conversation sake;

    Lets suppose just for a moment that one of the brothers had caught Amanda trying to get Mr. Ramsey’s attention.

    What do you suppose would have happened if that brother then shot Mr. Ramsey to death when he kicked open the door and then hid the girls? What I wonder would happen next?

  • millsapian87

    2/10, obvious troll.

  • My, aren’t you a gas!

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  • Did ‘they’ just let you out?

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    I understand that Walmart has a sale on aluminum foil. You had better go stock up on hat material.

  • Beverly

    I don’t believe this story. I think it is a hoax. It just doesn’t sound right. You can’t believe everything on TV. That Black man is probably an actor. The government wants us to get caught up in and talking about these types of hoax stories like Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, and Dorner, so they can enact policies without us being aware to restrict our rights.

  • Trish Collier

    The amazing thing about Mr. Ramsey is that he did not need to fire one bullet!

  • Dial it back Kiki

    Condescending much?

  • Amen, sister.

  • I’m great, thanks. Garden is going well and I recently found a new client for my business. How’s by you?

  • PeteWa

    while it’s true that this does happen to both sexes, you seemed to have missed the entirety of Becca’s point as your example of Jeffrey Dahmer was not a ‘trio of slatternly women’, nor was he even one woman.

  • lynchie

    It is exhibited in the military (current flap about assaults on women), trying to deny right to choose to have an abortion and if they can use contraception, etc., etc. There is still a number of men who use that little peanut of a lizard brain in their attitudes towards women and their role in this world. by the way forget the down votes, wear them as a badge of honor. You know you have touched a nerve.

  • A-8

    Um, Jeffrey Dahmer? Certainly does happen to men/boys, too. Incredibly sad and disturbing either way.

  • Clevelandchick

    Some very horrific details have surfaced, they’ve been covering them on Gawker. Michelle Knight, the oldest to be kidnapped, said there was a 4th woman and one day she just disappeared. Neighbors called police over the last few years – different neighbors recounting the same story – naked women in the house or backyard crawling on the ground in dog collars and on leashes being controlled by 3 men. The police never responded. The CPD denies getting the calls. But as a Cleveland resident who lives not far from where the girls grew up and were held, I have had several experiences with the CPD not responding to calls.

    Castro was friends with family members of two of the girls taken. His daughter was with DeJesus the day she disappeared and also participated in the search for her. He had a record of serious domestic violence (beat his wife when she was recovering from brain surgery, almost killed her) and violated the custody court order by abducting their daughters often. The sketch of the person of interest the cops had on file looks EXACTLY like him. Why this guy was not investigated from the get-go is gob-smacking.

  • Suemarie

    I saw Anderson Cooper interview Charles Ramsey last night. When Anderson asked about Mr Ramsey maybe getting a reward, he said any money should go to the women rescued and that he had a job and didn’t need it. A hero indeed!

  • flocculent

    Gents? Dial it back Kiki, this isn’t about procreation or even sex. It’s about mental illness and power.

    Unless you count the nuns. Magdalene Laundry. Google it.

  • flocculent

    He wasn’t being suspicious, and it’s not his job to determine if it was a hoax, anyway. That was a methodical way to get the information he needed and get the po-po rolling ASAP. Every operator has their own style, but the info they collect is the same.

  • loona_c

    And good on Amanda for being so insistent and assertive, especially after all she’s endured. Does anyone (else) worry that this kind of thing happens more than we’d like to think?? There’s the girl in Germany who was locked in a dungeon for 20 years by her dad and had 7 children with him. Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Dugar?

  • milli2

    I’d give them a little leeway here – in a city they most definitely get a lot of calls that turn out to be jokes. I would get a little suspicious too if a guy called me and asked me to check this out and talk to me about about eating McDonald’s. That being said, I think the operator that was talking to the girl finally took her seriously when the girl demanded that a car come now – not when one is available. The operator also should have stayed on the line with her until one showed up.

  • TheOriginalLiz

    Are 911 operators actually human beings? They seem to have neither smarts nor empathy.

  • StraightGrandmother

    Charles Ramsey didn’t turn away, he heard a woman screaming and he went to check it out. He is a Hero.

  • StraightGrandmother

    Hey Becca, how you doing?

  • Bring on the down-votes, assholes.

  • Paul

    Anyone with hair like that, you know is going to be funny.

  • Oh, and by the way, cases like this are why I don’t think it’s at all exaggeration or hyperbole on my part to suggest there are more than just a few men out there who truly believe women are supposed to be property.

    Not all of them, or even most of them, or even a very large minority — at least in western civilization anyway. But enough of them do exist that these crimes against women aren’t rare at all.

  • The one who spoke with Amanda Berry was kind of infuriating. “I’ll send a car as soon as one is open.”

    Grrr! No, you moron, this is a kidnapping! And two other women are still in the house!

    Anyway, I’m glad Amanda stood her ground. She must have a backbone of adamantium to hold onto the hope of rescue for that long, and to keep trying for it.

  • Horrific story. A good ending. I hope those sons of bitches rot in jail for the rest of their days. And I hope those women have access to scads of therapy and support, because they’re going to need it.

    And I’m really really sorry to do this, but I can’t resist:

    All you gents out there. Can you imagine, deep down, that this kind of crime would EVER happen to a man? Y’know — a young attractive man or teen kidnapped, kept locked in a stinking shit-hole house for a decade, beaten and raped frequently by a trio of slatternly women who believe that a mate is just something you pick up off the street as one likes, consent being irrelevant and unnecessary?

    This happens to women all the time.

    And this is also when the topic of abductions and rapes comes into the news, I have to spend a whole lot more time in deep meditation to try to keep my equanimity. Put me in a room with one of these animals and a Kershaw flip-knife in my hand, and there’s every chance I’d forget all of my pacifist ideals.

  • davidinchelseama

    I’m pretty sure that’s the same dude who saw Superman come out through the revolving doors in that first Superman film. “That’s a BAD OUT…..FIT !!!!!”

    Seriously, though, this guy is all sorts of awesome.

  • judybrowni

    That Charles Ramsey is one wonderfully jive talking hero, and the abducted women are heroines.

  • UncleBucky

    Oh, I love dealing with 9-1-1 operators. Their shoes are on so tight they can’t shuck them and put their feet in someone else’s shoes. No matter where you go, it seems.

  • Joneses

    UGH, Ariel was a friend to DeJesus’ father and their daughters were best friends. I beieve Ariel’s son wrote an article on the missing girls. Three young ladies used for sex and other things. GAWD.

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