Sasha my dog vs the ice cube (video)

So I was making some lemonade today, even though it was only in the upper 50s in DC. And an ice cube invariably slipped away from me and hit the floor. So I figured I’d feed it to Sasha, my yorkie-bichon mix, since she did like ice cubes as a puppy.


Let’s just say, I won’t be giving Sasha any more ice cubes.


After you get done checking out Sasha vs the ice cube, feel free to browse through the rest of the of the “Sasha versus…” collection, including such hits as:

And while it’s not a “Sasha versus…” video, I can’t let a post about Sasha videos pass without linking to this one of my nephew holding Sasha before I bought her.  We were making the video to show my sister, his mom, who is the final arbiter of dogs.

You might not the color change from that first video to today. Yorkie mixes can change color significantly, and repeatedly, over their lives.  Sasha started off with a lot of dark apricot and even some black, then turned almost entirely cream, and now is shifting back to apricot again, though not as much as she was when I first got her.

And with no further ado, Sasha vs the ice cube:

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