Rain Room (video)

This is a video of a Rain Room, an art exhibit really, where it rains everywhere in the room but where you’re standing. Even if you move, the lack of rain follows you.

I could only find one bad video from the MOMA on this, so grabbed one instead from the Rain Room in London last winter.


One of the creators says that a lot of people try to get wet, try to outsmart the system, but they can’t.

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  • Wow! Imagine a better world if only they could do this with baggar and conservative propaganda?

  • I was wondering about that

  • http://www.theawsc.com/2013/04/05/love-letter-from-london-rain-room-at-the-barbican/
    I just had to look this up, for the system surely couldn’t divert water which had already started falling.

    *** As we go into the curve gallery, we are advised to walk slowly and not run as the sensors can’t detect you quick enough and you will get soaked, one girl experience this when she got scared because some water got dripped on her – Bad times! ***
    And sure enough, it couldn’t. :D

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