IRS “scandal”: Rachel Maddow & Dan Rather discuss (video)

Rachel Maddow discusses the new IRS “scandal,” in which the IRS supposedly was singling out Tea Party groups and not approving, or at least delaying, their tax-exempt status.

Rachel notes that Nixon famously used the IRS to go after political opponents, that George Bush used the IRS to go after a liberal church and the NAACP.

Rachel-Maddow-interviewing-Dan-Rather-about-IRS-ScandalSo, as the natural next question, Rachel talks to Dan Rather about how this “scandal” relates to previous uses of the IRS to go after political opponents.

Rather notes that during the Nixon administration, it was the president himself who told the IRS to go after these people and organizations. There is no evidence that that’s the case here – here it appears to be relatively low-level employees involved.  But, rather still thinks there has to be an investigation to get to the bottom of this.

And that is why I like liberals, and really can’t stomach conservatives. Pick your Dan Rather of the right, in terms of their ideological gravitas – Breitbart, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, or even anyone at Fox News (if you want to make this a “journalistic” comparison, even though Fox isn’t journalism) – and ask yourself whether they would call for an investigation of the Bush administration for going after ACORN or the NAAACP? For using government agencies to go after Valerie Plame?

Never gonna happen.

It’s not about eating our own. It’s about having the conscience of our convictions, about actually believing what we believe. And defending those beliefs even when “our guy” is in power.

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