Oklahoma tornado damage before-and-after satellite images via Google (video)

Google put together a fascinating Web site where you can check out the Moore, Oklahoma tornado damage with before and after shots, using Google Maps.

I’ve done a video, below, walking you through the map and the damage at various locations like Briarwood Elementary and the hospital.  But I’ve also captured some images of the before and after at various locations.

Here’s an animated gif of the damage at Briarwood Elementary School, the school that was the focus of so much attention during the storm coverage:

Briarwood Elementary

Briarwood Elementary

And here are a few more images from Google – my video walk-through of the Google map is below.

First, you have the overall path of the tornado, moving from southwest to northeast.  The markers are damage areas.


Now we’ve zoomed in some, and you can see the tornado’s path scorched on the earth, I’ve highlighted the general path of the tornado in red:


In this further zoom, you can see Briarwood Elementary School circled in red – this is clearly the before shot:


In this after shot, you can see the school and the surrounding neighborhood destroyed:


An even closer zoom of Briarwood Elementary and the surrounding neighborhood, before:


Even closer zoom, after:


And here is my video walking you through the Google Map, showing you a few other points of interesting:

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