NYPD: It’s too hard looking for gay-bashers

Two gay men were reportedly attacked, apparently for walking arm in arm, outside a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in NYC on Sunday.

The police originally told the victims, one of whom suffered a broken nose, that it would be hard identifying the suspects since so many people were wearing Knicks shirts at the time.

Once word got out about the crime, the NYPD changed its tune and announced on Tuesday that it was looking for the suspected gay-bashers.

I’ve witnessed this kind of behavior before from the police in Washington, DC.  They have ample incentive for trying to get you not to file a crime report.  First, there’s an incentive to have crime go down, and one of the easiest ways to have crime go down is not to file a report at all.  So you’ll have police finding crafty ways of trying to convince victims not to file a reoport.

NY-KnicksAnother reason police don’t like to file crime reports is that if they catch a suspect, the paperwork, and the time it takes to get them in the system, and process them, is also a pain.   If you don’t catch the bad guy, you don’t have to work extra hours processing the bad guy.

And finally, if they’re going to through all that extra work to process arrestees, they’d rather do it for a “real” criminal, a murderer, rather than someone who beats the f out of gays.

In big cities, the system, and its incentives, sadly can work against victims (and against good police officers themselves).

Fortunately, NYPD seems finally interested in working on this crime.

(h/t Liberaland)

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  • Thugs with badges are legal criminals in my book.

  • ‘Wolf in Pig’s Clothing’ ———got that right! Weasels, Badgers, wolverines, skunks, poisonous snakes, turkeys and vultures may also apply. Maybe abusers evolve past the broad strokes of definition into denial, but victims don’t.

  • slappymagoo

    I’ve experienced bad cops. Not going to get into it only because compared to other people’s run-ins with the law, mine sounds like a caricature of a cop in an old Disney movie starring Tim Conway. But they were dicks to me and I’m not gay and I wasn’t with anyone and I’m white and I’m Christian and blah blah blah wah wah wah. My point still stands, this could have been mere and sheer laziness as opposed to blatant anti-gay apathy. Especially in NYC where it seems the only crimes that get cops on the beat are murders, rapes and parking violations, the latter usually involve the ticketed parties complaining “don’t you have murders and rapes to investigate?” Domestic disputes usually only result in admonishments to “keep it down.” For assaults, the cops pretty much had to have seen it for a report to get filed.

  • zerosumgame0005

    well, the difference is all of Boston was locked-down and treated like they were in Gitmo. Now while every cop would LOVE it to be that way 24/7 in every city and town in America, the way it is now it takes actual work for them to do their job…

  • Naja pallida

    Sounds more to me like some of us have had some bad experiences.

  • Stereotypes police officers in a gay bashing story and comment area? I thought we all evolved past broad strokes of the pen on groups of people. I do know that the ones I work with would pursue them for not only the right reasons , but all that extra time the author thinks is a hindrance could actually be overtime in a bad economy and who doesn’t want that? :-)

  • UncleBucky

    Right, in Somalia and parts of Kenya, guys relax together literally leaning on one another. Once, when I was demonstrating some Web programs in the early days to a group of Kenyan guys, they came up behind me, and were leaning on my shoulders, in full contact. Realizing already the fact that people do this without any at all other motives except to show friendship and peace, I didn’t pull back or push back.

    But I betcha now that guys there are as nervous about “I like XYZ, but I am not gay”, as US-ers and other Westerners are, given that we have exported that to them, courtesy of religionists and macho anglo men. We live in a strange society that could go one way or the other, IMHO. I hope it goes our way. But there are crazies out there worse than the world of Mad Max.

  • Excellent point you have there, George. I hadn’t thought of it.

  • Over in India, I used to constantly see men walking down the street with their arms thrown around each other’s shoulders, holding hands, etc. I also often saw unrelated women taking noontime naps together, spooning on a thin mat on the ground.

  • pappyvet

    Uh Huh. To hell with the paperwork,I thought busting dirtbags was their job?

  • Naja pallida

    I think a good part of that is that city police departments are quite poorly equipped to deal with identity theft. They either don’t have, or simply don’t allocate, the resources for it. Instead preferring to deal with more easily addressed crimes. The FBI on the other hand, has entire departments of people for that kind of thing.

  • George Melby

    Aweee-some!!! You do realize that, with 14 states promoting and voting in gay marriage, there were never be a possibility of introducing a Constitutional Amendment for straight marriage only, because even IF the Congress and President sign such bill, it still has to be approved by 25% of the states. That… will be null and void … when over 75% of the country has gay marriage! And those rights cannot be taken away once they are provided, as the California people are sadly finding out right now! You GO… CA, MN, IL, et al, ad infinitum!

  • George Melby

    If these schlongs-in-blue can find two woolyburgers who bombed the Boston marathon with pots and pans, by God other boys-in-blue can find gay-bashers with all the cams, web- and others, NYC has floating around the entire town. Quit thinking it’s the general public’s responsibility to do your job and get your candy-a$$ butts out of the police cars and do YOUR job! (This mierda gets so old and smelly sometimes!).

  • It’s the same in the East and Islamic countries. It really is astonishing in America to see here a culture so afraid of intimacy and sexual insecurity among men.

  • Very lucky.

  • Apparently Minnesota may be next.

  • woodroad34

    Same in Los Angeles. When I fire arrived here in the 70’s I worked for a man who was on the board of the ACLU. He would routinely go to a local street in Hollywood known for being a gay hangout and take pictures of police hitting gays on the head with either a baton or flashlight. He had a large file of the abuses of the LAPD and they had a large file on him. When my parents told me to trust the police, I told them to come see what I’ve seen and been involved with. The police, by the nature of their job, are emotionally and psychologically just this side of being the people they hunt down.

  • UncleBucky

    Years ago (1972) as I was waiting in Brindisi, Italy, for a boat bound for Patras, Greece. In the square, I saw many people enjoying the early summer. They were sitting on benches, single, couples, and groups of three or more. Women walking arm in arm, men, too. It’s common to see women, especially non-Anglo women, walk arm in arm in parks, malls, and along sidewalks. But when I saw the men, I thought, well, I found a place where the bigots are in check. Being with some friends, I asked. They said, oh, no, typically, men — not gay — walk arm in arm, or one holding the elbow of the other, or with hand tucked in between the arm of the other man and his side. It’s easier to stroll and softly talk to one another when you are closer, and to be closer, you have to coordinate your movements. Easy way to do that is to hang on and coordinate your stride. The guys looked as anyone would.

    What did I see? Or what didn’t I see?

  • Hue-Man

    It doesn’t help when the “alleged” bashers are found not guilty. From earlier this year: “Two brothers have been found not guilty of assaulting two men in Vancouver in an attack that had been characterized as a gay bashing.” http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/story/2013/01/14/bc-gay-bashing-verdict.html (linked article has CCTV video)

    Police say: Why bother if we’re not going to get convictions? Prosecutors say: Need iron-clad evidence or a confession so why lay charges?

  • That was unusual and you were lucky.

  • They do indeed.

  • It’s homophobic. Once you’ve experienced a bad cop, you can tell them a mile away.

  • “First, there’s an incentive to have crime go down, and one of the
    easiest ways to have crime go down is not to file a report at all. ” It’s deeper than that. I lived in San Francisco for years and observed first hand that the SFPD just didn’t give a damn about the gay community, even when it came to murder and gang attacks. The police themselves were often the abusers. Nothing much has changed except the PR smiley face and a few token gay officers bring to recruitment events.

  • nicho
  • slappymagoo

    I’m not sure this is an anti-gay thing or homophobic thing. I think it’s just a lazy thing. If two random guys who weren’t walking arm in arm (or otherwise, you know, “looking gay”) got beaten up, I suspect they’d be just as disinterested unless one or both of those guys were famous.

    A man and woman? Maybe, if the woman looked extremely “sympathetic” (which is another word for white from at least a middle class background), Pregnant? That’s a story no matter what color she is.

    Bear in mind, I’m not saying this is the way it oughta be, and I don’t think I’m particularly astute or witty pointing it out. But that’s pretty much how the media rolls with stories like this. Honestly, if gay marriage wasn’t still such a hot story at the moment, I’m not 100% sure that, even in New York, it’d be a story that the media would choose to cover.

  • hefetone

    Meanwhile, we could have been on Mars.

  • Snaggletooth

    That’s because cops sympathize with fag bashing.

  • This didn’t used to be the case. When I was bashed on the UES in the 80s I drove around with the transit police looking for the kids for a while, couple hours at least. Didn’t find them, but they did take the time.

  • Jim Kelly

    I’ve experienced the same apathy from police about identity theft – equally hard to pursue and convict. At first the police said that since my bank repaid the theft, I didn’t have standing to report a crime, but I was not about to be deterred. I had much more interest from the FBI.

  • cole3244

    no matter the political views of the city the police are always far right of center with few exceptions within any force, protect and serve is as inaccurate as what they say the goal of internal affairs is, its not getting to the truth.

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