Newborn quadruplets think their dad is hilarious (video)

These newborn quadruplets think their dad is hilarious. I don’t know how he does it. Having a puppy almost killed me. And it was only one. And it only stayed a young puppy for a few months. I can’t imagine 4 babies at once.


I gained great respects for parents, including my own, when I finally got a dog. She had me in tears after one month of not sleeping (Sasha, being a small dog, had to go pee 3 to 5 times a night – that would be AFTER you go to sleep). I called my sister, who’s had 3 boys, and said “how do you do it?” She told me “you sleep when they sleep.” Meaning, catch cat-naps during the day when the baby/puppy falls asleep.

Anyway, this dad looks awfully healthy for a father of quadruplets. Though you’ll notice we don’t see mom ;-)

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  • tomtallis

    Apparently you didn’t notice the two dogs…

  • Beginning life with laughter—-doesn’t get much better than that.

  • Absolutely! Travel is the best education possible for exposure to diversity and human complexity. My first journey was at 23, when I hitchhiked around the world. Same with travel photos.I remember one year just taking pictures of Parisian doorways and courtyards.

  • ROTFL!!!

  • That is absolutely fantastic……..laughing babies rock!

  • Thank you. I admit I do worry that some will get annoyed by travel photos, and see them as bragging. But I love photography, I love travel, and love storytelling, and really do think that good photos can tell good stories, and important ones. Especially about life abroad. I think Americans are somewhat ambivalent about foreign travel. We all wish we could go, but then have a bit of a snobbery, or something, about those who do go. We’d discussed it on the blog before. I think people think it’s a luxury thing, which it can be. Or it can be scrimping and saving for a foreign trip the way someone else might scrimp and save to buy a car. (Also, as Europeans are so good at, there’s that “stay with friends and save money” element as well that can make a trip more affordable). Anyway, I appreciate the feedback, because I do love showing photos from when I travel, so I will make sure to do just as much this August :)

  • Suemarie

    I know they are not the most vacationy vacations for you, but I love your blogging vacations. Seriously, your photos of Paris are the highlight of my summers.

  • Cletus

    Dirty little secret of multiples: three or more, everyone wants to help. You get round the clock assistance from family and friends, both physically and financially. Twins? You’re on your own.

    BTW, that quad table is probably something made for professional daycare.

  • paulabflat

    if you want to see mama, click here:

    they won, deservedly, whole bunches of money on america’s funniest. mom cried, ballons fell, it was magic.

  • I have friends with 4 boys aged 7 and under. Just visiting with them for an hour or so is enough to drive me up the wall. I can totally understand why parents go nuts.

  • Dog

    I’d like to know where they got that table . . . QuadsRUs?


    i think so too

  • Naja pallida

    Or a Hungry Hungry Baby game, just need some marbles for them to eat.

  • It -is- awesome, but I had the evil thought that it looked like a “Whack a Baby” game board. The only thing missing was the padded mallet.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    ps: the custom quadruplet breakfast table is awesome

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Funny video but my first thought was the same as another poster below, it’s odd that the dad posting the video called them “newborn quadruplets” since they’re clearly not newborns. Maybe the video was reposted by someone else who wasn’t the dad.

  • emjayay

    They also have two dachshunds.

  • emjayay

    She’s doing the video recording.

  • We don’t see mom?

  • Someone mentioned that on Twitter as well, that they had to be older. Well, if you mean the blog, it’s more like someone always worried about their job. And the weekends are slower. But the week days are bad. And vacations are pretty much non-existent – they have to be blogging vacations :)

  • PeteWa

    they are clearly drunk, no wonder they laugh so easily!

  • Bose

    Worth noting, John: The babies are more likely between 6 & 9 months old (newborns don’t sit up or smile, much less laugh). So, this is a dad who has survived many sleepless nights, one or two at the very edge of his wits and abilities.

    But, I’m thinking that you’ve been pushed to the edge of sleep-deprived frustration while entertaining the thought that anything you did in the next hour, week, or year might never produce a positive result.

    So, in my mind, you and the baby-daddy are similarly situated.

  • I love the one baby that literally lifts out of its chair when laughing!

  • Laughter is contagious, after all.

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