Jim Wallis of Sojourners stabs gays in back on immigration reform

Jim Wallis, a longtime social justice advocate and the founder and editor of Sojourners, teamed up with infamous gay-haters, the Southern Baptist Convention and the National Association of Evangelicals, to demand that gay couples be banned from immigration reform.

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Wallis, incredibly, organized a media conference call with renowned gay-hater and right-wing knuckle-dragger Richard Land of the Baptists (who famously claimed that women who get an abortion are psychologically impaired) in order to kill any effort to address the problems gay couples face with immigration.

After Land spoke on the call, Wallis jumped in:

Added Jim Wallis, head of the Christian social justice group Sojourners: “This is the wrong place at the wrong time” to deal with the issue of gay marriage.

Way to lend legitimacy to two of the most hateful, intolerant, un-Christian groups in America, Mr. Wallis.

Jim Wallis, the religious right's beard.

Jim Wallis, the religious right’s beard.

Jim Wallis echoes religious right language on gays

For the record, it’s not about “gay marriage,” Mr. Wallis.

It’s about gay couples being ripped apart by the US immigration system because their relationships aren’t recognized as legitimate.  If they were straight, their spouses could stay. But because they’re gay, they can’t.  So spare us the Rush-Limbaugh Gary-Bauer Rick-Santorum talking points about how we’re pushing for “gay marriage” in the immigration bill.  We’re fighting for the immigration rights of our loved ones.

Wallis might as well accuse us of seeking “special rights,” now that’s he’s the religious right’s water-boy of bigotry.

And one more point on this whole “gay marriage” thing.  Jim Wallis only came around on gay marriage a month ago.  So pardon me if we’re not very interested in Jim Wallis’ “expert” opinion on a civil right he couldn’t even stomach four weeks ago.

This isn’t comprehensive immigration reform

At least we can thank Jim Wallis for confirming our worst fears, and making it official.

This legislation isn’t “comprehensive immigration reform.”  It’s not intended to address the problems American families face with immigration.  It’s not intended to make things more fair.  It’s intended to help Republicans with their Latino problem, and the rest of America be damned.

Call it the “Rubio 2016” Act, since apparently no one is permitted to benefit from immigration reform unless Marco Rubio is wooing their votes for his presidential run in four years.  Could the Democrats be any more gullible, thinking the GOP is doing us a favor by maybe kinda sorta supporting a bill they’re actually desperate to have.

I had warned weeks ago that the fix was in, and that the professional left in town didn’t want gay Americans to benefit from immigration reform.  And Jim Wallis just proved it.  He didn’t go out on a limb, and repudiate decades of civil rights work, in order to help Richard Land.  He did it to help the mainstream progressive groups and Democratic politicians, his silent allies in this betrayal.

Would Jim Wallis do a conference call with the Klan?

One wonders just how low Jim Wallis is willing to go.

Would Wallis team up with the Klan if Republicans didn’t want black people to benefit from immigration reform? And they don’t. The Congressional Black Caucus is hopping mad about their concerns about fair immigration not being addressed in this bill.

Should we be expecting a conference call with Jim Wallis and the Grand Wizard any time now? Or do Jim Wallis and Sojourners only make an ecclesiastical exception to their “progressive” morality when it comes to bashing gays?

Gays are not equal members of the Democratic family

It’s clear in 2013 that gay Americans are not an equal member of the Democratic coalition. We’re fools.  The Democrats use us for our money, and as a foil to make Republicans look intolerant to suburban moms and youth.  And it’s increasingly looking like Latino and immigration groups used us to rally our community’s support for legislation that we’re apparently too embarrassing to even be included in.

In my nearly 30 years in Washington, DC, I’ve never seen a community invited to be a partner of a coalition that finds them so utterly icky.  It’s the old Groucho Marx joke in reverse: We only care to help the club that can’t stomach us.

Jim Wallis and Sojourners have a history of anti-gay prejudice

As for Jim Wallis, we always knew that some in the civil rights movement didn’t accept our civil rights as real civil rights.  So it’s no wonder that Sojourners and Wallis are stabbing us in the back.

After all, Sojourners famously banned an ad two years ago that was simply welcoming of gays in church.  That notion, that churches should welcome gays, was too much for Sojourners – who called that ad “gay marriage” too (it seems that’s the stock answer at Sojourners whenever supporting civil rights becomes hard work).

And to this day, Sojourners’ diversity statement still glaringly omits any reference to gay or trans people.  Just like in the immigration bill, gays are best left a silent partner when it comes to Jim Wallis and Sojourners, and their supposed support for civil rights and social justice.

So while we’re saddened by Jim Wallis’ embrace of bigots and bigotry, we’re not surprised.  Jim Wallis has clearly had a problem with gays for a while.  The man was against gay marriage until only for weeks ago.  And we’re seeing today just how sincere Wallis’ “embrace” of marriage equality really is.

Jim Wallis is fine with gay marriage, so long as nobody actually has one.

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