Jaw-dropping video from inside Briarwood Elementary during Oklahoma tornado

ABC News got a hold of some horrifically terrifying video filmed while the Oklahoma tornado bore down on Briarwood Elementary School, the school I showed in a post earlier that was destroyed by the tornado, and where parents were frantically searching for their children after the storm.

I posted earlier amateur videos of the tornado here and here.

The teacher was huddled in a girl’s bathroom with 20 to 25 students and a few other teachers, and you can hear, but not see (the electricity was out), the tornado hitting them full blast.

This is the image I created earlier of Briarwood Elementary, before and after the tornado hit.  More before and after images here.

Briarwood Elementary

Briarwood Elementary

The ABC video also shows a bank vault that a number of people hid inside, and held the door shut as tightly as they could.  The bank around them was utterly destroyed.  They survived:


(H/t FreakOutNation).

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