Jaw-dropping video from inside Briarwood Elementary during Oklahoma tornado

ABC News got a hold of some horrifically terrifying video filmed while the Oklahoma tornado bore down on Briarwood Elementary School, the school I showed in a post earlier that was destroyed by the tornado, and where parents were frantically searching for their children after the storm.

I posted earlier amateur videos of the tornado here and here.

The teacher was huddled in a girl’s bathroom with 20 to 25 students and a few other teachers, and you can hear, but not see (the electricity was out), the tornado hitting them full blast.

This is the image I created earlier of Briarwood Elementary, before and after the tornado hit.  More before and after images here.

Briarwood Elementary

Briarwood Elementary

The ABC video also shows a bank vault that a number of people hid inside, and held the door shut as tightly as they could.  The bank around them was utterly destroyed.  They survived:


(H/t FreakOutNation).

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  • condew

    Construction of safe room has got to be a condition on all Federal disaster relief or rebuilding funds. Besides, with the building site swept clean by the tornado and many adjacent homes and schools in need of safe rooms, now would also be the most economical time to build them. Construction could proceed almost like an assembly line.

  • UncleBucky

    Hm. The Bank Vault shows that every building in this area at least NEEDS a safe room. It needn’t be in a basement, but it’s got to be heavy and thick enough to resist the worst.

  • JayRandal

    Very horrific what happened to residents of Moore, Oklahoma. Nonetheless teachers and their students forced to seek shelter in bathrooms, because school district negligent to construct

    underground shelters, is a huge travesty needing rectification. Kids in public schools in OK
    deserve better protection of safety than huddling in fear in collapsing bathrooms.

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