IL GOP forces out party chair for supporting gay marriage

Illinois Republicans have just forced state party chair Pat Brady to resign because of his support for gay marriage.

What is this, Alabama?

Brady, rather famously, came out in support of gay marriage in January of this year, and even made phone calls to lawmakers urging them to support gay marriage legislation before the Illinois legislature.

And now he’s politically-dead, killed by a Republican party so permeated with hate and intolerance that even in a moderate-Republican state like Illinois, the GOP just couldn’t stomach having a fag-lover as party chair.

This is why I, an Illinois Republican, left my party 21 years ago and never looked back.  Even back then, in 1992, the hate was too much.  But now, in 2013, when 11 American states have already legalized gay marriage, Illinois Republicans are so hateful and bigoted that they would destroy a man for daring to speak out in favor of civil rights.

IL GOP party chair Pat Brady

IL GOP party chair Pat Brady

Of course, as the Chicago Tribune notes, the problem is social conservatives – i.e., the religious right – who are trying to take over Illinois politics.  Good luck with that.  Illinois isn’t Mississippi.  Though the Illinois Republican party is sure doing a heck of an imitation of the Mississippi GOP, that only recently decided to oppose slavery, and has long had problems with homophobia, and blacks, and women.

Brady, good guy that he is, thought a woman should replace him as Illinois GOP party chair.  Fat chance of that happening.

The Illinois GOP is idiotic to be embracing the religious right at a time when national Republicans are increasingly distancing themselves from the Frankenstein monster of intolerance that has ruined their party’s fortunes with women, gays, Latinos, black and pretty much every minority except Cubans.

Greg Sargent noted over at the Washington Post that Brady-bashing is all the more evidence that the Republican party isn’t yet ready for change.

At least once a week, Republicans — in one way or another — provide further evidence that genuine reform is not in the cards.

Greg notes that in spite of polls showing increased tolerance among Republicans, Republican voters still hate gays.  The problem, I’d argue, is that the GOP embrace of intolerance hasn’t been helping them at the national level.  It’s simply emboldened nutty national leaders like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and national political candidates like Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin, to drive the majority of Americans further and further away from the GOP.

You don’t win national elections, and you don’t win over the next generation, by embracing “leaders” like Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli who’s running for governor on a platform that includes making all oral sex illegal.

Good luck with that.

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