Scientific American: Mean people are so gay

Scientific American (of all things) has a story out about a new study showing that homophobes just might be closeted gay people.  (Update: Apparently the Sci Am story is from last year – it’s still a good story.)

This is something a lot of us suspected for a while. I’m always intrigued when homophobes talk about a gay sexual orientation as being a “choice.” I always want to ask, “so you mean you could sleep with someone of the same-sex, find them sexually attractive, you just choose not to?”

In fact, there have been several bloopers, as it were, where unwitting homophobes, thinking that everyone has same-sex attractions, admit it publicly, only to get odd looks from the other folks in the panel discussion. (And before anyone says “everyone is attracted to both” – I’m not. I’m attracted to guys, that’s it. So I’m willing to believe that there are straight people who are only attracted to the opposite gender.)


But cha are, Lindsay!

In any case, back to the study. One of the funnier findings was that people with controlling parents tended to be closet cases. “Participants who reported supportive and accepting parents were more in touch with their implicit sexual orientation, meaning it tended to jibe with their outward sexual orientation. Students who indicated they came from authoritarian homes showed the biggest discrepancy between the two measures of sexual orientation.”

I chuckle at this since the faux-scientists of the religious right, the ones who claim they can cure gays with prayer, like to claim that gay men were created by absent fathers and over-bearing mothers. So now the actual research is showing that closet-case homophobes are the ones created by over-bearing parents. Ha!

Sci-Am cuts to the chase:

The research may help to explain the underpinnings of anti-gay bullying and hate crimes, the researchers note. People in denial about their own sexual orientation, perhaps a denial fostered by authoritarian and homophobic parents, may feel a threat from other gay and lesbian individuals. Lashing out may ultimately be an indicator of the person’s own internal conflict with sexual orientation.

This inner conflict can be seen in some high-profile cases in which anti-gay public figures are caught engaging in same-sex acts, the researchers say. For instance, evangelical preacher and anti-gay-marriage advocate Ted Haggard was caught in a gay sex scandal in 2006. And in 2010, prominent anti-gay activist and co-founder of conservative Family Research Council George Rekers was reportedly spotted in 2010 with a male escort rented from According to news reports, the escort confirmed Rekers is gay.

Wow, Sci Am is up on Rekers.  Touché.  And everyone remembers Haggard, who was at the time, arguably, the most important evangelical leader in America.

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  • Sweetie

    In the English language, lowercase homo refers to homosexual generally, not man.

  • Ninong

    Invented by German prison officials? I didn’t know that.

    In English the prefix homo- is used with verbs or nouns and it always means “same.” It’s from the Greek, homos, meaning “one and the same.” Homology, homomorphic, homosexual, homotype, homogamous, homogeneous, homogenized. The Latin word homo is from the Greek homos.

    Maybe German prison officials were the first to coin the word to describe same-sex orientation, which they probably considered same-sex attraction. As recently as the early 20th century homosexual attraction was considered a form of psychoneurosis. The Vatican still calls it that — in their au courant version it’s called “intrinsically disordered.” But Papa Ratzi Emeritus says they should still love them anyway, just as long as they remain celibate forever. Like him and his boyfriend, Bel Giorgio, who are just platonic buddies.

  • Ninong

    It’s always better when the person using Latin words knows how to spell them. Nothing is more hilarious than seeing someone write ad nauseum in place of ad nauseam. Or signing off with chow when they think they’re using the Italian word ciao. Another common error is writing bon appetite in place of bon appetit. Those people are the same ones who mispronounce it, too.
    If you can’t even correctly spell or pronounce the foreign words you think you’re using, better stick to English.

  • Ninong

    Every time I see the word Homo, I think of a genus of hominids, the only extant species of which is H. sapiens. If it’s not capitalized, I just think of it as the Latin word meaning man, which is what it is.

    I guess it could also mean homogenized milk but now that all milk is homogenized, I guess that no longer applies. Who remembers when homogenized milk first came out? I do. Anybody else?

  • UFIA

    Hadrian. Not black.

  • The kind of hate and self loathing required to keep up such a long term campaign such as the one the Tea Party has been running is staggering. As someone who has struggled with depression, I cannot fathom why someone would hold onto such self-loathing for so long. It is a mental illness that they need to get serious help to fix. Such help is out there. I got help for my depression, and I feel much better for it. I hope they get the help they need because society will be so much better off once they get the help they so desperately need. I pity them. Yet as long as they continue to bully others, I must remain against them….

  • Guest

    On the subject of homophobia and homosexual arousal, a study from waaay back in 1996 indicates the same thing, “Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies.”

  • Corey

    This had been proven many times in the past too

  • Thanks, you inspire me.

  • Sweetie

    Three more examples are sodomy, pornography, and minor. Each of those is commonly treated as if there aren’t big problems with them.

  • Sweetie

    I’ve never seen anyone use the term political correctness without feeling the person demonstrating it is incorrect. Otherwise, it’s pretty unnecessary because normal behavior involves being “correct politically”.

  • Sweetie

    troll = you

  • Sweetie

    Thanks for trying.

  • Sweetie
  • And probably big O’ bottoms too! :D

  • In other LGBT news: Minnesota passes marriage equality, Governor Mark Dayton will sign.

  • I found myself thinking of Septimius Severus, since he was emphatically of North African extraction. But his depiction in sculpture does not suggest black to me and I’m fairly ready to trust Roman sculpture in this regard; it’s always seemed to me realistic (and even unflattering) compared to other cultures’ artwork.

    Caracalla looks more African to me in his depictions. He also looks somehow pissed off in every piece but that’s another matter.

  • The only gay men I refer to as ‘sister’ are the members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who some years back adopted me as a “wayward delinquent”. Them, I didn’t mind when they called me ‘girl’, usually with some playfully added adjective like ‘naughty,’ ‘incorrigible,’ or ‘drunken.’ ;-)

  • You are so bad! :-)

  • Yep, god forbid someone call me “girl”! Except secretly I would consider that a complement, because I really like women. I did get called ‘sister’ once by a friend, who insisted I was his sister. It’s the only time I’ve ever been a sister, and would certainly have preferred one over my homophobic brothers.

  • Don’t you mean “somdomite”? Hurr :p

  • It also demonstrates a profound disrespect so endemic in the culture that people are often unaware of the impact—- Like” I Jewed em out of it.” and so on.

  • Or: “That’s soooo straight!”

  • I don’t know where I got that notion—probably from the hysterical Channel on cable. Info says Septimus Severus and his son Caracalla were black, but other accounts allude to previous black emperors—-my guess is that parts of the African empire determined that.

  • I’m decades younger than you but I still don’t feel like I’m a “boyfriend” or have a “boyfriend” myself. I’m not the most emotionally mature person I know by far but I’m pushing forty, and “boyfriend” makes me sound like I’m still in high school.

    I agree. Such language does imply a certain lack of seriousness, like I might show up with a different “boyfriend” next week.

  • True, and there is always deep in the weeds of pedophilia and hebe-ism and so on…… the world of desire objectivism. The recent gush of support for Michael Jackson on a recent post, truly surprised me and from people in a twist over Catholic sex crimes.

  • Or, ‘Urning’ which I rather like. Odd how the Germans invented all the modernist nomenclatures for same sex.

  • Thanks, Zorbear.

  • Like a friend of Bill, except when he was in drag and then Dorthy was appropriate. :-)

  • Even though many of us of a certain age are well integrated into ‘our lifestyle (bourgeois middle-ism) we can take comfort in the fact that our enemies will always define us as separatist and that’s just fine with me, because it always puts to the forefront issues of equal standing under the law and Civil Rights.

  • Everyone except Babba Walters who had the hots for him back in the day.

  • We get that all the time, too. “The girls” — even though my wife is 70 and I’m 50.

  • Interesting, Bec, you bring up a point I hadn’t considered: that the right wing crazies insist sexuality is a “choice” because for them, it is! They choose to pretend to be straight…

  • There are rumors that his handlers had to restrain him from honking melons when visiting the Country Fair —his eyesight was pretty bad by then.

  • Yep, zombies are soooooo flexible!

  • The pervasive institutional bigotry is often subtle and insidious like the family, work colleagues or neighbors who internalize that bonded couples are not really married or valid in comparison to their own. They use words like “The boys down the street,’ or “the girls.” It drives me F’ing crazy. I’m on the short side of seventy and haven’t been a boy in well over a half century.

  • Indigo

    Yup. I’m not “with” SP but the grade school pejorative “gay” is sometimes useful.

  • What I find fascinating is how, in their zeal to try to label gay and lesbian families as “other” and not real or legitimate, their slurs now inadvertently extend to large numbers of heterosexual families. Childless families, whether by choice or infertility. Adopted and fostered kids. Blended families resulting from prior divorces or widowhood. And so on.

  • Steve_in_CNJ

    Another interesting approach is “gynophile” and “androphile”, which focuses on the object of the desire. Then to attack lesbians, for example, you’d have to go after gynophiles, obviously doing a lot of collateral damage (to straight men) in the process. This approach is the basis for classifying anti-gay discrimination as discrimination based on gender (only female gynophiles and male androphiles suffer discrimination).

  • Indigo

    It’s a standard comment on SP, anything off-profile is “so gay.” I suspect Cartman (the “fat, self-centered asshole” [cf.]) started that one.

  • *surprise* Hadrian was black? I thought he was from a Roman-Spanish family.

  • That’s actually mostly how I know Rooney, through collections of his columns in print. I especially remember his little piece on how to read classified ads. “Mint condition” = “Still some paint left on it.”

  • nicho

    I’m pretty sure that “gay” started as a code word among homosexuals. Back in the day, we had to use a lot of code words for what we were and thing that we did — so we wouldn’t be overheard and out ourselves among co-workers and acquaintances. The bars we went to had code names — so the straights couldn’t overhear us making plans to go out and figure out we were gay. People came up with code words for being gay — “Friend of Dorothy,” for example — that at the time would only be understood by another gay person.

  • nicho

    So, you can say you had a sexual encounter with Strom at a Senate event and he got the crabs. Not something you might want to brag about.

  • Naja pallida

    As a fellow curmudgeon, I enjoyed Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes about half the time, but I think he was always better in print.

  • ground beef, onions, red beans= sloppy Joe= indigestion.

  • yep!

  • The Romans managed to install at least one black emperor–Hadrian, but the Vatican has yet to place a black Pope.—-Maybe in another 1000 years or so.

  • A gay is not a homosexual, but a realized, genuine identity. Although, I have witnessed homosexual penguins and dolphins, but I doubt they refer to themselves as gay. Most bears in our GLTBQ communities refer to themselves as ‘bears,’ or sometimes, ‘cubs.’

  • Good for him! I’ve been a sometime fan of Rooney’s, not a huge fan, yet it warms my heart to know that he loathed Cohn like any right-thinking person should.

  • There’s nothing more heartbreaking than crossed stars, I know.

  • The Tale of Genji leaves off like the tattered edge of a passing cloud………

  • No loss. He’d still go on voting. ;0)

  • “homosexualist”. is sooooo gay….love it. I bet Oscar Wilde is smiling down! :-)

  • But… but…. what about Leviticus?!

  • Excellent points.

    Hence this is why they get all freaked out when they see happy, well-adjusted gays.

    Indeed. I’ve long suspected that this has been one of the chief motives behind the fanatical opposition to decriminalization of homosexuality and acceptance of marriage equality. The homophobes wish homosexuality to be confined to the margins, suppressed, distorted into unhealthy forms by the need to hide from law and society: covert affairs outside of marriage, joyless assignations in bars and bathhouses, anonymous sex in bathrooms. And let’s be fair: in a social atmosphere dominated by the notion that the only valid sexual relationship is a heterosexual marriage for the sole purpose of raising children, these rather pathetic expressions of homosexual identity are likely to be the only ones found.
    As long as you can point to that image of same-sex love as something a bit disgusting, something that’s confined to seedy bars and men’s room stalls, it’s easier to decry all of homosexuality as sick and perverted. But gay and lesbian couples wanting to marry and live lives of settled domesticity? That just cuts against the whole notion that homosexuality must necessarily be grotty and furtive. Hence it must be fought.

  • But, it might have knocked that syphilitic old head right off his neck.

  • I was married to a woman for six years, and although a mistake, it was a deep and amazing experience, in spite of the sadness and star crossed business of it.

  • Then karma comes along and takes out an assh**e like Cohn by AIDS.

  • I’m with George Orwell on this: using words with “lots of syllables” is often a sign that you’re trying to soften your actual meaning. I myself use words with lots of syllables for a number of reasons; sometimes they’re the only good words but often they’re not and there is clearer, blunter language that I could use but don’t because I’m trying to be oblique. Polysyllabic Graecisms or Latinisms are so convenient for obscuring the true force of what you would really like to say. “The inflated style itself is a kind of euphemism. A mass of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outline and covering up all the details.”

  • Naja pallida

    Andy Rooney wrote an exceptional piece eulogizing Cohn, essentially saying that nobody likes to speak ill of the dead, but in this case, we should make an exception.

  • They did a whole episode about how “gay”, in the pejorative sense of meaning something stupid or contemptible, has largely become independent of “gay” in the sense of pertaining to a homosexual male.
    I’ve experienced this directly, when my younger partner (have I mentioned I hate that word?), who is indeed farther down the Kinsey scale than I am, casually referred to something as “gay” in just that pejorative sense, and I was a little shocked. He, however, didn’t see any contradiction.
    I can’t say I’m entirely with “South Park” in this; nevertheless I don’t feel particularly insulted when someone describes (say) a bad video game or a poor movie as “gay”.

  • We could start?

  • lol no, what did they do?

  • It was funny as hell. Strom was infamous for liking the young ladies, and liking the free food at Senate events (we had crab, I think, at this one). He reportedly carried a plastic bag in his pocket and would pocket food for later – supposedly, shrimp was his fav.

  • John, you saucy temptress! Great story! But you missed a chance to send Strom to an earlier reward by slapping him and calling him “fresh”.

  • Indigo


  • Indigo

    I don’t agree. The homo-hetero configuration is a product of pseudo-scientism from the late 19th century although, admitedly, it’s a step up from the earlier “sodomite” label.

  • pappyvet

    Yes,its called self hatred. Where have they been?

  • I love the little twist some bigots give to the word “homosexual”, turning it into “homosexualist”.

  • Calling “homosexual” the only “unbiased, objective term” is true only up to a point. As karmanot points out below, bigots have employed the world with a sneer and an intonation. It’s not a pretty, mellifluous word; it is cold and clinical-sounding, and bigots have been able to lean heavily on that.
    Consider this analogy: “female” is an “unbiased, objective term” for “woman” in just the same way as “homosexual” is, but what would you think of someone who consistently referred to woman as “females”? I think you’d back away slowly and avoid eye contact.

  • Indigo

    That makes good sense. I like “queer” but that’s obviously a technique of the confrontational politics of late in the last century. I mostly hanker back to the separatist movement of the mid-70s. Showing my age, I ‘spose.

  • There’s a crucial difference, I think, between “closeted” and “in denial.”

    Closeted is someone who is gay, knows they have intense same-sex attractions, and may or may not act on them — but what’s most important to them is that nobody else knows. Many Hollywood actors and actresses in previous generations were closeted, for example, because knowledge they were gay would’ve (in that era) ruined their careers. They don’t deny to themselves that they’re gay, they just don’t feel safe letting anyone in on the secret.

    Then there are the in-denial gays. The difference here is in the face of intense same-sex attractions, which they often act upon, they will deny publicly and to themselves that what they’re doing is in any way gay. Roy Cohn, George Rekers, and Ted Haggard are among these latter sorts. They’re the ones most likely to assert that being gay is a choice, because as they see it, there’s this sweaty, exciting, intense and amazing sex they actually want…and then there’s this actual whole other choice to pretend to opposite sex attraction, force themselves to marry hetero, attempt to use fantasies and whatnot to keep up appearances and do their marital duty, and in general wear the facade of being hetero. Most importantly, if asked, they would deny to anyone — and to themselves — that they’re gay.

    This is the core of their “it’s a choice” position. To them, what they want is for everyone to pretend to total heterosexuality, and for those who cannot muster any desire or passion, to live the life of the presumed asexual “confirmed bachelor” or “spinster biddy.” And I do think this is why they get all freaked out when gays and lesbians refuse to hide or be ashamed, and why they’re so adamantly against any kind of civil rights for LGBTs — because part of their denial depends heavily on the external restrictions of social anti-gay animus. Now I don’t think it’s an absolute, that everybody who says stuff like “gay marriage = end of human procreation” is an in-denial gay; on the other hand, I don’t doubt that particular notion originated from someone (or a bunch of someones) projecting their own conflict on the rest of society. They feel they need to believe they can be fired from their jobs and that gay relationships have no legal protections (i.e., marriage equality). They need to believe that gay people die unhappy and early, and all the negative reinforcements.

    Hence this is why they get all freaked out when they see happy, well-adjusted gays. Anyway, I’d suspect that the more virulent homophobes who happen also to be gay are the latter sort — the deeply in denial ones.

  • Indigo

    Watching ‘South Park’ again?

  • Thank you, without puns we would die of grimness. When was the last time we heard someone say, “That’s so homosexual?”

  • I know you’ve mentioned it before so it’s not a surprise but…ugh! I’d want to shower for days if Strom Thurmond groped me. Not that he would, lacking in pulchritude as I am, but…*shudders*.

  • “because English speakers dislike lots of syllables” Among the undereducated and lazy that may be so, but in general that is an idiotic generalization.

  • “homosexual is the only unbiased/objective term for us” I disagree with that, because it is not true. The term was invented by two German prison officials to discriminate harshly against a specific group of prisoners—men in particular. I have always hated the term, but agree with your last sentence. It’s ‘Gay’ for me all the way. Leave homosexual for the haters, they love that ‘scientific’ word.

  • Aw man, you’ll probably catch a brickbat or two for that one…

  • Thank you an excellent and necessary distinction!

  • bingo

  • Thanks for sharing

  • OMG—–that’s a wonderful story.

  • Well, I don’t if special rights was adopted by anyone but the right wing as an anti-gay tactic. As for ethnic cleansing, I kind of like the term, if not the act.

    And finally, as I wrote the other day in my outrage post, I have no problem with the PC police so long as they get it right. The problem is, the Internet has empowered too man of the wrong people. Being a good activist is about far more than having a big mouth and big balls. It helps to be right :)

  • :) sorry, I’m on a roll today

  • Thinking everyone is bi is so gay.

  • Oops! For some reason it’s flying around the Net – and I looked at the date but missed the 2012. Oh well :) Still an interesting story.

  • JayRandal

    Case proven for Miss Lindsey Graham: Closeted hate-filled homosexual who had over-bearing parents scolding him for lusting after other males.

  • Well, I don’t wear it as a badge of honor, just seemed relevant to the post :) As for elbows, my favorite elbow story will always be the time Strom Thurmond copped a feel by massaging my elbow from behind, thinking I was the pretty young blonde staffer to my right. Strom was already like 90. I’m unclear as to whether this was Strom’s first gay experience, but I’ll always treasure it as one of my top Washington memories.

  • Sweetie

    Overpopulation is a vastly more of a danger. But, homosexuality would only make people think a bit more before reproducing. Bigots like to pretend that homosexuality = sterility, but that’s obviously not the case. Lesbians, in particular, can easily have as many babies as they can afford.

  • Sweetie

    The choice rhetoric also stems from the fundamental attribution error (correspondence bias). If the research John cites doesn’t take that into account then it’s hardly comprehensive enough.

    Individualistic societies, especially plutocratic imperialist ones like ours, are heavily invested in making people explain behavior through individual character by default. This in turn results in people claiming they made the right choice (heterosexuality), even though choice didn’t play a role.

    Some of the worst heterosexual supremacists have been heterosexual. And, heterosexism draws its power from the heterosexual majority. No one should ever forget that.

  • Sweetie

    People could do with a bit more language policing, frankly. The fact that terms like “ethnic cleansing” and “special rights” find themselves so easily adopted should concern everyone since framing effects are very important. As for humor, that is completely content-dependent.

    Sloppy language = sloppy thinking = sloppy policy = harm

  • As someone who is Bi, I think it is BS, too.

  • BlueIdaho

    I am so sick of these closeted assholes in positions of power repressing the gay community because they are unable to live a truthful life due to their self-hating and self-loathing.

  • Sweetie

    Also, because English speakers dislike lots of syllables outside of the realm of academic writing, homo and hetero are preferable to homosexual and heterosexual. The usage of homo as a pejorative stands in the way of its usage today in an unbiased way, which is unfortunate.

  • Sweetie

    Despite pejorative usage, homosexual is the only unbiased/objective term for us, just as heterosexual is the only unbiased/objective term for them.

    Gay actually has its roots as a slur, referring to flamboyance, as far as I know. Plus, in English, the alternative is “straight”, which sets up a straight vs. bent/broken dichotomy that we don’t really want to have because of the subconscious framing effects. Like it or not, there is nothing inherent in homosexuality that makes people happier (or more flamboyant), necessarily.

  • Sweetie

    The difference is that most people are capable of bisexual sexual behavior. That is not the same thing as sexual orientation. Most heterosexual men, for instance, are more likely to engage in same-sex mutual masturbation in adolescence than they are likely to engage in French kissing and rimming.

  • ninjakiller

    File this under “no shit.”

  • A nice guy, but totally fucked up — with no social life whatsoever. He didn’t fit in with the straight crowd…

    Would a gay man convinced by religious fanatics to turn himself straight with the power of Jesus ever actually be really accepted as an equal? That doesn’t seem to be the way of things, any more than the peoples of other nations converted to the worship of Christ by European missionaries were then accepted to be brothers and sisters equal in the eyes of the Lord.

  • nicho

    I think a gay person is a homosexual who leads an authentic life. I don’t know if everyone is “happy,” whatever that means. It’s just a distinction I make, however it does show the fraudulence of the “gay-therapy” movement. You can scare, coerce, pray, shock, or chemically torture someone into not being gay — i.e. not living authentically as someone who is attracted to people of the same sex– but you can’t change their basic sexual orientation. You can force someone back into the closet — with all that that entails. I once knew a guy who got hooked up with some Catholic “pray the gay away” group. He was still attracted to men, but the Catholics made him hate himself for it. A nice guy, but totally fucked up — with no social life whatsoever. He didn’t fit in with the straight crowd — and he had “promised Jesus” he wouldn’t live authentically as a a gay man.

  • Good for you, John. You’re a gold star gay! Me too! The farthest I ever went with a woman was by accident. I bumped her breast with my elbow. You know, it just keeps going in. There’s no there there. Who knew?

  • I think I understand where you’re coming from. It reminds me of a comment I read somewhere–I really wish I could remember where–that if I recall correctly was about Roy Cohn and how he didn’t think of himself as homosexual. The comment suggested that his logic ran something like this: “Homosexuals are lowlifes and losers who could never become powerful, important men in Washington; I am a powerful, important man in Washington; therefore I am not a homosexual.”

    If I weren’t lazy I’d dig up telling quotes from right-wing Christians implying that heterosexual marriage is actually an unpleasant duty of sorts requiring self-discipline and self-denial, so making homosexuality acceptable would imply that men everywhere would abandon their connubial responsibilities in order to enjoy the selfish pleasures of the flesh with each other. The key is always denouncing homosexuals as “selfish”? Why? Because they only care about sex, apparently. The logic is weird and only makes sense if you conjecture that the people advancing such arguments really feel that maintaining a front of heterosexuality is an unpleasant necessity, one that they would gladly abandon if they could.

  • EyeTee

    Old news (that article is from last year)

  • Skeptical Cicada

    That’s also consistent with the thought that right-wingers tend to have less capacity to consider things from a perspective other than their own.

  • Skeptical Cicada

    Yeah, I get sick of the “everyone is bisexual” nonsense. No, everyone is not.

  • Yeah I’m kind of upset that gay PC police haven’t descended on me and demanded reparative therapy since I used the word “gay” as a pun. Normally I’d make a pun about them being bi on their outrage over punning about sexual orientations, but since I now know that bisexuality isn’t nearly as punny as homosexuality, I won’t. :)

  • That’s so gay…

  • That’s so gay…

  • nicho

    Great video asking people “When did you choose to be straight?” It’s amazing how that simple question is so enlightening for them.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    Well, I’m pretty happy about it.

  • So….a homosexual is someone who wants same sex sex, and a gay is a homosexual who’s happy about it?

    Just asking…

  • I like that classification, Nicho. I think Marcus Bachmann (Michelle’s husband) would probably fall into the former category as well.

  • UncleBucky

    We could use a population reduction very quickly. It would be a shock to plan a population reduction from 7-9 back down to 1-2 billion, but if we don’t, this will happen anyway in a much more undesirable way.

    2050 to about 2075, and you kids’ll either be on a one-child policy MAXIMUM or you will be eating “long pig”. Get it?

  • SDBear

    Echoes of this study in 1996.

  • The real give away, in my mind, was back when their argument of the day was about procreation, and how, if gays could get married, basically, the human race would perish. To say that with a straight face, one would have to believe that EVERYONE would get gay married if it was legal. So I’ve always felt these guys have this internal conversation with themselves (I’m talking to you Matt Barber, Peter LaBarbera, Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer) where they convince themselves they are “normal.” Given the fact that they are clearly “normal,” but want to have a homosexual relationship, must mean that ever other “normal” person does also…hence, the end of the race if society doesn’t force “normal” people to be in straight relationships and procreate. I know that’s sounds convoluted. I wish I could explain it better, but it’s the only logical explanation for their absurd claims.

  • I’ve never thought that the penchant for “ex-gay” ministers and creepy homophobes to be caught sneaking into gay bars was one that did much harm to the cause of Jesus freakery. We might see it as proof of hypocrisy and self-dishonesty but the religious bigots probably see it as proof of their assertion that homosexuality is like a drug addiction.

  • nicho

    I like to distinguish between gay and homosexual. Homosexuals are those who are attracted to the same sex. Gay means you’ve decided to live your life authentically as someone who is attracted to the same sex. Lindsey Graham, for example, is homosexual. Maybe some day, he’ll wake up and identify as gay.

  • iamlegion

    It makes sense – the _only_ people who insist homosexuality is a choice are those who have _chosen_ to conceal and suppress their own feelings. Naturally, they assume everyone else is just as f*cked up and dishonest as they are.

  • cole3244

    religious zealotry and anti science ignorance will be the end of civilization and humans dominance on earth, overall for all concerned other than humans a good thing.

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