GOP House fundraising off of Benghazi murders

How fortunate for Republican House members that four Americans gave their lives so that the GOP could better fundraise off of their deaths.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is the GOP body that helps elect Republicans to the House of Representatives.  And the NRCC is now running an election fundraiser based on their Benghazi conspiracy theories.

Yes, Republicans are using four dead Americans, including a dead US ambassador, as fundraising fodder.


Of course, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.  The Republican ringleader on Benghazi is GOP Senator Lindsey Graham who ran campaign ads, in order to list-build for his re-election, only a month after the attack.

Graham is apparently extremely interested in getting to the “bottom” of things:

Lindsey Graham campaigning on Benghazi, Libya tragedy

Lindsey Graham campaigning on Benghazi, Libya tragedy

It’s important to keep in mind that the extreme fringe controlling today’s Republican party sees American deaths as political “opportunitie.” That’s the actual word the Romney campaign use for both the Iran hostage crisis and the death of our ambassador in Benghazi: “opportunity.”

The father of murdered US ambassador Chris Stevens has begged Republicans to stop using his son’s death for political gain, but that’s like asking the scorpion not to sting the frog.  At some point you just have to accept the fact that one of our two political parties in this country has been so corrupted by the malice, anger and intolerance that all we can do is pity them and make sure to vote for the other guy.

Jamison Foser clued in on what the Benghazi fundraising is really about – it’s an “opportunity” to go after Hillary Clinton for 2016:

And finally, Ari Melber asks the salient question:

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