GOP fundraising video mocks grieving Sandy Hook mom who lost 6 y.o.

In a shocking example of Republican indifference to the problems Americans face, the Republican party is distributing a fundraising video today that mocks the background check defeat in Congress recently, using a photo of the grieving mother of a dead Sandy Hook Elementary 6 year old boy in order to brag about the legislation’s defeat.

The mom is Nicole Hockley, mother of 6-year-old Newtown shooting victim Dylan Hockley.

Specifically, the Republicans used a photo of President Obama consoling Mrs. Hockley at a White House event where the President criticized the Senate for killing the wildly-popular background check legislation, that has been polling in the low 90-percentile for a while.


It’s bad enough to use photos of grieving Sandy Hook moms to fundraise. ┬áBut to use a photo of the grieving mother of a dead six year old boy in order to mock the mother’s effort to do something productive in the wake of her loss, is pretty reprehensible.

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