Fun with colonoscopies (video)

A guy got bored while waiting for his wife’s colonoscopy.

Then this happened.


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  • My fall from grace was becoming a lifeguard.

    Shoulda known better, but I was naive at the time.

  • This seems to have as much to do with colonoscopies as it does with IRSbaggergate.

  • LOL. I would have gone for the full SM like St. Teresa.

  • Naja pallida

    Harder nipples would have kept you on the path with God? :)

  • The degrees of association are impressive MF. Well done.! Now, if only that twirling paper had ‘Red Bud’ scribbled on it in a shaky, fading hand.

  • If only I had sat next to the air conditioner in Sunday Church I might not have been an apostate.

  • MoonDragon

    Considering that he’s about to spend a couple of hours with a marginally coherent, incredibly hungry person with a large intestine full of gas, he’s handling it quite well by finding a bit of entertainment to brighten his day.

  • Cletus

    And to think, if not for the internets, I might never have seen that… :-)

  • Or Jed Leland playing with his opera program instead of doing his job in Citizen Kane.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    Reminds me of ninth grade history class

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