Florida’s GOP attorney general thinks banksters get a bad rap

Imagine that.  Republican Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi, is somewhat bored with mortgage fraud, advocates say.

When they attend meetings with her staff they get the distinct impression that Bondi feels the banks are the victims, not the borrowers, so why should she investigate them?

What does bother Bondi is Urban Outfitters selling funny shot glasses.

First, a little about Bondi’s aversion to taking on banks:

Florida's Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi

Florida’s Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi

“We wanted to convey the idea that we want her to put pressure on the banks to be positive and forthright with their clients,” said Jerry Pena, a community organizer with the Orlando group. “… Her stance was that she didn’t feel the banks were as liable as the media portrayed them to be, and people shouldn’t have gone ahead and signed the mortgage paperwork, and that they knew what they were getting into.”

So you can imagine our surprise when we read today that Bondi has launched an all-out war against the true bad guys who have put millions of American families into ruin: Urban Outfitters.

You see, as Adam Weinstein noted on Twitter a bit ago, Bondi is very upset that Urban Outfitters, the youth-oriented clothing and fun-stuff store, seems to be peddling paraphernalia dealing with young adults drinking alcohol.  And what’s worse, the boozy merchandise is prescription-drug related.

Things like this beer can holder, disguised as a prescription for a Mr. Hugh Jass (okay, I laughed):


And this prescription-style shot glass:


According to Miami New Times, Bondi has joined a group of 22 other state attorney general in writing to Urban Outfitters to urge them to stop poisoning America’s children:

“These products are not in any way fun or humorous but make light of this rampant problem,” the group of AGs wrote in a letter to Urban Outfitter CEO. “We invite you to pull these products from your shelves and join with us to fight prescription drug.”

The Miami Herald has more on the story.

Now, look.  Our own Jon Green, himself a college junior, has written about the problem of prescription drugs on college campuses.  Kids seem to be far too medicated, and they’re taking prescription medicine, without prescriptions, as study aids.  And while I find the story somewhat funny, it’s probably a fair point to raise if in fact Urban Outfitters is trying to play on kids’ new sense of over-medication.  Still, I’m having a hard time getting worked up about this.

It is interesting to note the contrast, as Adam Weinstein did, between Bondi’s verve for taking on Hugh Jass’ shot glass versus taking on the banksters who ruined a lot of actual lives.

Now, if Bondi really wants to prove her bona fides, she’ll skip the shot glass and go after that abominable Gangnam Style Bobble Head.



And while she’s at it, the animal-human hybrid propaganda needs to go too:chimera


And let’s not even talk about Urban Outfitter’s subtle embrace of the gay agenda (or circus-folk, it’s hard to tell):


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