AA flight emergency lands to arrest woman singing “I’ll always love you” non-stop (video)

They tried to keep Whitney from coming.  But she came!

I love this story. I know it’s probably a lot freakier when you’re the one on the plane, at 40,000 feet, and the lady next to you won’t stop singing Whitney Houston’s “I’ll always love you,” but something in this story makes me think of the movie “V.”  Or maybe “W.”

They actually had the plane institute an emergency landing to arrest the woman for her non-stop singing of “I’ll always love you.”

And there’s video!

Granted, the woman comes off a bit nuts in the passenger video below.  But one man’s nuts is another man’s diva.

Air marshall escorts woman belting out Whitney Houston's "I'll always love you" off of American Airlines flight.

Air marshall talking to woman belting out Whitney Houston’s “I’ll always love you” off of American Airlines flight.


Air marshall escorts woman belting out Whitney Houston’s “I’ll always love you” off of American Airlines flight.

But seriously, you have to watch the video.   I howled.

Just as funny, the flight attendant keeps saying “no photos are permitted to be taken on the aircraft.”  Yes, because then the terrorists would win.

We’ve written before about that ridiculous no-photos rule, that is NEVER enforced, except when some nut is singing Whitney, or a travel writer is trying to get a picture of his seat.

Thank you, to whichever passenger snuck this video.  You made my day :)

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