AA flight emergency lands to arrest woman singing “I’ll always love you” non-stop (video)

They tried to keep Whitney from coming.  But she came!

I love this story. I know it’s probably a lot freakier when you’re the one on the plane, at 40,000 feet, and the lady next to you won’t stop singing Whitney Houston’s “I’ll always love you,” but something in this story makes me think of the movie “V.”  Or maybe “W.”

They actually had the plane institute an emergency landing to arrest the woman for her non-stop singing of “I’ll always love you.”

And there’s video!

Granted, the woman comes off a bit nuts in the passenger video below.  But one man’s nuts is another man’s diva.

Air marshall escorts woman belting out Whitney Houston's "I'll always love you" off of American Airlines flight.

Air marshall talking to woman belting out Whitney Houston’s “I’ll always love you” off of American Airlines flight.


Air marshall escorts woman belting out Whitney Houston’s “I’ll always love you” off of American Airlines flight.

But seriously, you have to watch the video.   I howled.

Just as funny, the flight attendant keeps saying “no photos are permitted to be taken on the aircraft.”  Yes, because then the terrorists would win.

We’ve written before about that ridiculous no-photos rule, that is NEVER enforced, except when some nut is singing Whitney, or a travel writer is trying to get a picture of his seat.

Thank you, to whichever passenger snuck this video.  You made my day :)

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  • slim

    A flight from LA-JFK is over 5 hours. Are you willing to listen to that the entire flight that you paid your hard earned money for?

  • me

    who said she was arrested? she was detained. There is a difference.
    And the law would be interference with the flight crew. It may not seem so to you, but if everyone is complaining to the FA (flight attendant) then it’s not interfering with their duties.

  • pappyvet

    The law of good taste LOL

  • Sweetie

    The point is that rights are something everyone has, even if others don’t recognize those rights. Otherwise, you’re talking about privileges.

  • Sweetie

    It strikes me as absurd to declare singing an “emergency”.

  • My guess is too many of those little Jack Daniel’s bottles + a broken heart + a country & western on the headphones?

    Perhaps, she just got her genres confused?

  • Perhaps you need to be gay. But a plane forced into an emergency landing because a woman is singing Whitney Houston – and not just Whitney, but “I’ll always love you” – just strikes me as less-than-serious :)

  • GaiusPublius

    I’m not sure how this is a funny story. What was she arrested for? Which law did she break?


  • Oh, for the good old days of the mile high club!

  • Kevin Costner: palpitations

  • Butch1

    It’s something you can rest your arms on if you have the middle seat. ;-)

  • Butch1

    Big Brother makes up another one of its “on the spot” rules: You cannot take any pictures! (or death?) It is automatically assumed that all of your rights are now lost when you are on an airplane. Were they afraid you were going to capture the police abusing the singing passenger? They cannot force you to stop but they can throw you off the plane as well. ( you are “disrupting the poor person with the complex telling you what to do )

    I’m glad I do not fly. It will have to be in an emergency and only then.

  • me

    ps: to illustrate the point, animals are only now getting rights, even though morally all living beings are owed them. they have only just been raised above the category of property, like slaves after the 14th amendment.

  • me

    this will probaly come across wrong, but slaves did not have rights, nor did women–only white men with property had rights, this is why we had to enact the 14th amendment…slaves weren’t even considered full people, they were only considered 3/5 of a person–it was morally wrong, completely indefensible, and totally hypocritical in light of claims of inalienable rights–but rights are always a matter of law, not a matter of morals–this is why we have to struggle and be eternally vigilant to make and maintain moral and just laws…

  • me

    actually, you have very few constitutional rights on private property, except for the 1986 violations based upon impermissible discrimination (and only if the property is generally open to public); a with and just like ships, a captain can do pretty much anything he wants to you (this was established long ago under maritime law)

  • me

    i was going to post the same thing–this may have been annoying but at least it was funny and her voice wasn’t at that psychosis inducing pitch that only a child from hell can attain

  • dcinsider

    I sat next to Farty McGasbag on the way back from Birmingham a few weeks ago. Still can’t get the smell out of my clothes.

  • Or Samuel Jackson.

  • Just do like they did in “Airplane,” just hang yourself everyone….

  • I just have to say because my husband is such a big fan…this is a Dolly Parton song, not a Whitney Houston song – although Whitney did a great job with it!

  • Corey

    I wish at least could of sounded better

  • LOL! Yes I am ancient. I remember Babbs when she did her first TV on Ed Sullivan, same with Elvis and the Beatles,

  • Me too, especially the prison matron roles!

  • Going…… down?

  • Jesus Christ in a flight suit!

    How is this any more annoying than some brat that won’t stop screaming and constantly kicking the back of your seat?

    What next: an emergency landing for someone that can’t stop farting?

  • Yeah I got a chuckle out of it, but the woman is clearly not all there imho.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    The First Amendment only applies to the government. If the terms of your airline ticket says no photos, no photos.

  • nicho

    The terrorists’ trick is that if they sing it (badly) 200 times in a row, someone else will blow up the plane.

  • nicho

    The airline cannot take away your constitutional rights — whether it’s their plane or not.

  • jixter

    Which always leads me to wonder: Did the ‘jilter’ in the equation jilt because they got an inkling of the ‘jiltee’s’ illness and exited the equation while the exiting was good?

  • melbach007

    Kevin Costner could have prevented this.

  • TheOriginalLiz

    It’s a well known fact that terrorists always sing “I will always love you” right before they blow themselves up. /snark

  • Leota2

    Too bad they took her away. Its these little bits of unexpected goofiness
    that makes us human—and a bit crazy, but probably not dangerous.

  • SkippyFlipjack

    If it’s the airline’s rule there’s obviously no violation. It’s their plane.

  • UncleBucky

    Hey, I liked Margaret Dumond!

  • UncleBucky

    Was the singing a capella or karaoke?

    Mmmm boy… !

  • A reference to Margaret Dumont? You’re ancient! :D But surely she had a richer, contralto voice. She sounds more to me like Bridget Jones imitating Lisa Loeb on “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

  • nicho

    Too bad they won’t declare an emergency when there’s a 400-pound person “muffin-topping” into your seat.

  • nicho

    Too bad we can’t set airport scanners for that. Although, I’m guessing drugs are involved too.

  • nicho

    You don’t lose them. They’re just violated. It’s like slavery. The slaves never lost their right to be free. It’s just that the slave owners and the courts violated those rights. That’s what made slavery so wrong — the violation of existing rights.

  • Cletus

    Hey, it’s not like she was singing Aerosmith’s “Elevator” or something…

    Love in an elevator
    Livin’ it up when I’m goin’ down
    Love in an elevator
    Lovin’ it up ’til I hit the ground…

  • National security requires stiff enforcement to contain broken hearts.

  • Since when has Margaret Dumond been doing Whitney impersonations.

  • My vote is ‘mentally ill.’ Possibly recently jilted also.

  • Probably lose. Same rules that apply at airport security. Once you cross security, you lose a ton of rights.

  • nicho

    Not being able to take photos on the plane seems to be a clear violation of the First Amendment. I wish someone would challenge that. And as you point out, it’s selectively enforced, which makes it worse. It gives flight attendants dictatorial powers.

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