The cutest thing you will read today

I’ve discovered a new Twitter feed, and it’s my new all-time favorite: @CuteEmergency

It’s a bunch of tweets of cute animal pics, preferably young animals. That’s it.

So with no further ado, here are a few of my favorite new tweets from CuteEmergency.  We’ll get back to our regularly-scheduled angry political post after this brief intermission for adorableness.

So for now, sit back, enjoy your coffee, and grab some ice – because the cute, it burns.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to search for my favorite cute-emergency Sasha photo and found it!  It’s the first time I brought Sasha over to Joe’s house, within the first week I got her, and she’d been running around, playing with (okay, terrorizing) his cocker spaniel Petey, and then she got trapped between the side of the couch and the wall (apparently, at ten weeks of age, someone had yet to learn how to back-up – so she squeezed in to explore the space between the couch and the wall, ran into the wall, then didn’t know what to do!)  But my favorite pic of that evening is when I looked under the table to see where Sasha was, and she’d fallen asleep on Joe’s foot!

My dog Sasha asleep on Joe Sudbay's foot.

My dog Sasha asleep on Joe Sudbay’s foot.

And now for the rest of the cute emergency:

















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