Corn is bad for your body, your car & the environment

As you know if you come here often, we sometimes write about corn and also about carbon, two of my favorite poisons. Here’s a very nice routine from humorist Lee Camp that covers both.

Look for the phrase “corn nugget with a hint of chicken.” Yes, over 75% of the ingredients in “chicken nuggets” are corn products. Monsanto should get naming rights.

But it’s not just chicken nuggets. Corn weasels its way into so  many of our foods, we’re like “walking corn chips.” From Dr. Sanjay Gupta at CNN:

“We’re like corn chips walking because we really have a very, very large fraction of corn in our diets, and we actually can’t help it because it’s an additive in so many of the foods we find on the market shelves,” Dawson says.

Foods like ketchup, salad dressing, soda, cookies and chips all contain corn, usually high fructose corn syrup.

“I think where the danger comes in with corn is that much of the corn grown now in North America is going into making high fructose corn syrup,” Dawson says. “So it’s not that corn per se is bad, but it’s the sweetener made from corn that gets into many of the foods that Americans are probably consuming too much of, and we now see that showing up as obesity and heart disease and potential for type 2 diabetes.”

Do click. And better put on those earphones first — Camp uses big-boy words, many of them.

My personal addition to this righteous rant has to do with automobiles — cars should be rebranded “carbon delivery systems.” As in:

“I see you bought a new carbon delivery system. Does it deliver less carbon than your last one? Hey, way to save the grandkids!”

Camp’s ethanol joke, terrific in its own right, could easily be adapted.

By the way, much of the information that Camp used is from this handy infographic. Here’s just a piece, the ethanol part:


Click the image to see the rest of the graphic; it’s rather well done. Corn, now with two ways to kill you. You can eat it and burn it. As the website said, “3 out of every 4 products in the grocery store contain some form of corn.”

Amazing what you can do with your own corporate senators, isn’t it? Click through and look for the name Franken in an under-the-radar vote.


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