Zoomable climate change time-lapse of entire earth over 30 years

Using satellite photos from Landsat, a joint mission between the USGS and NASA, Google has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to put together a very cool series of time-lapse images of the earth, showing changes in the earth, including impacts of climate change.

Some of the specific time-lapse images, below, show the Columbia Glacier retreating, urban growth in Las Vegas, the expansion of the Dubai coastline, the deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon.

It’s pretty cool stuff. Here are a few samples, and then below is a map of the entire earth – you can zoom in anywhere – and watch the land change from 1984 to 2012.

The Columbia Glacier retreat, 1984-2011

Las Vegas urban growth, 1986-2012

Dubai coastal expansion

Brazilian Amazon deforestation

This is the entire earth, over a period of almost 30 years – zoom in to any part you want.  It’s mesmerizing.

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7 Responses to “Zoomable climate change time-lapse of entire earth over 30 years”

  1. Dude listen closely because I thought this would be commonsense but you’re not alone.
    Science experiment; start your car and park it in your garage running for an hour. You can stay in it or not. After an hour measure the CO2 concentration in the garage and multiple it by over a hundred years of trillions of cars, heating homes, running factoring and boating, RVing etc.
    Over the last 150 years since the beginning of the industrial revolution concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere have gone from 250 parts per million to hitting 400ppm.
    Human beings NEVER lived when CO2 concentrations reached 400ppm and in fact according to 400,000 years of information in ice cores retrieved in Antarctica last millennium in 1997 or 1998 have never gone higher than 250ppm concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere.
    Our planet absorbs CO2 but he hasn’t absorbed it all and obviously in communicative, 250 to 400 in 163 years.
    Like that car in your garage multiply that by each car, each house, each factory, car racing, burning coal, oil, natural gas, charcoal, all the fossil fuel we’ve sucked out of the ground and WE, HUMANS HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO GLOBAL WARMING CLIMATE CHANGE.
    Do the math, science, use your commonsense.
    Fossil Fuel companies already hold five times what will kill us and burning the high sulfur molasses-like tar sands will drive the final nail in the coffin of human existence.
    Keep thinking it’s a lie when you lose something by its deadly dirty weather.
    Peace, John

  2. boxdin says:

    What can you see in the time lapse that can in any way point to humans as the cause of anything?
    All the “evidence” we have used for years has now been debunked as false. Fake hockey stick China, much worse of a polluter than all other countries combined.

  3. pappyvet says:

    It is way cool John, also alarming. I worry that many feel powerless in the face of so very much control and money. It’s part and parcel of the new wingnut commandments that “thou shalt not believe in climate change.”

  4. zorbear says:

    They insist because God made the planet, so no way mere people could do anything to it — that would mean they were more powerful than God!

  5. BeccaM says:

    No idea. By the way, it looks like that amazing documentary “Chasing Ice” will be coming to DVD and digital distribution. I didn’t get a chance to see the film during its limited distribution, but I so want to check it out when it’s generally available.


  6. I’m surprised this post isn’t getting more attention, I thought it was way cool

  7. BeccaM says:

    Way cool… and way scary.

    I still can’t quite figure how there are people who insist we’re having no significant impact on our planet’s climate.

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