Amanda Berry’s hero Charles Ramsey jailed for domestic violence, twice

Charles Ramsey, another imperfect hero, to put it lightly. The Smoking Gun has found that Charles Ramsey, the man who saved kidnap victim Amanda Berry, and two other women – all who were held for ten years, and sexually abused by their captors – has three domestic violence convictions that resulted in two separate prison terms.

Smoking gun has Ramsey’s mugshot as well.

Having said that, one hopes this is a sign that the man has changed and is now doing “good” in the very area he fell short before. As I said, one hopes.

Charles Ramsey famously saved Amanda Berry when heard the woman screaming bloody murder from the house next door, and, with the help of a friend, kicked her door in, permitting Berry to escape.  He then called 911, in a colorful phone call, to alert the police that the other women who were still being held captive needed help as well.

Smoking Gun reports the first domestic violence charge came in 1997. Ramsey was convicted, and while awaiting sentencing was arrested again for domestic violence in 1998. He got six months jail time.

He also seemed to skip court a lot, including violating probation, which repeatedly got him into trouble.

He got arrested for domestic violence again in 2003 – the same year Amanda Berry et. al. were kidnapped. Charles Ramsey was sentenced to eight months of prison for that crime.


Snippet of Charles Ramsey police report, via the Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun also found what they say are photos of Ramsey at a younger age posted by his now-ex wife.   She reportedly wanted to show that Ramsey didn’t always look like he does today.

In other Amanda Berry news, her sister spoke today in a short but emotional appearance – but basically asked for privacy for the family.

And more from Jezebel on why the warnings signs about Amanda Berry’s captors were ignored for so long.

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