Catholic bishop of NY paying for abortion insurance

The NYT dropped a little bombshell that went relatively unnoticed this long holiday weekend. It seems the Catholic bishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, has been paying for insurance for some of his employees that covers abortions and contraceptives.

Dolan has been leading the Catholic Church’s fight against Obamacare requiring some religiously-affiliated employers to pay for health insurance that includes contraceptive coverage for its employees.

Aa the NYT notes, while the archdiocese of NY has admitted previously that some “local Catholic institutions” have been paying for such health insurance plans, no one knew until now that the archdiocese was paying for them itself.

The church, of course, claims that this is all happening under duress.  They’re just complying with local laws that they don’t like, they say.  But the problem for Dolan is that for years he’s been claiming that the Obamacare rules are “unprecedented.”  And apparently, they’re not.

In a letter to his fellow bishops, Dolan wrote back on March 2, 2012 that Obamacare was an “unprecedented intrusion from a government bureau.”

Cardinal Dolan (Credit: Cy White)

Cardinal Dolan (Credit: Cy White)

Dolan went on to claim that “each of the ministries entrusted to us by Jesus is now in jeopardy due to this bureaucratic intrusion into the internal life of the church.”

Which is interesting, since the New York archdiocese has been dealing with this “intrusion” at the local level for over a decade, and it doesn’t seem in jeopardy.

Dolan continues.  And this is where he really starts to dig himself a hole:

We’ll still have to pay and, in addition to that, we’ll still have to maintain in our policies practices which our Church has consistently taught are grave wrongs in which we cannot participate. And what about forcing individual believers to pay for what violates their religious freedom and conscience? We can’t abandon the hard working person of faith who has a right to religious freedom.

But ya are, Blanche.  Ya are participating in those grave wrongs already, and lightning hasn’t struck.  And you already “abandon[ed] the hard working person of faith” over a decade ago when you chose to comply with the local laws. Yet Dolan chose to pretend that he hadn’t.  He chose to mislead his flock into thinking that Obamacare’s rules were somehow new and dangerous, and that they would destroy the church, when in fact the church was surviving just fine under similar rules for over ten years.

Dolan, the drama queen, continues:

[S]ome worry that we’ll have to face a decision between two ethically repugnant choices: subsidizing immoral services or no longer offering insurance coverage, a road none of us wants to travel.

Decision already faced, and Dolan chose to travel the road of ethical repugnance, and he’s still around to write about it.

Dolan also made similar claims in a Wall Street Journal op ed in January of 2012.  In this one, Dolan really stepped into it:

Coercing religious ministries and citizens to pay directly for actions that violate their teaching is an unprecedented incursion into freedom of conscience. Coercing religious ministries and citizens to pay directly for actions that violate their teaching is an unprecedented incursion into freedom of conscience. Organizations fear that this unjust rule will force them to take one horn or the other of an unacceptable dilemma: Stop serving people of all faiths in their ministries—so that they will fall under the narrow exemption—or stop providing health-care coverage to their own employees.

Huh.  So if Obamacare makes Dolan pay for the insurance, he will have only two choices – to stop serving people of all faiths, or to stop offering health coverage.

Of course, there’s a third option – to do exactly what Dolan has chosen to do for ten years now.  Just pay for the insurance.

Cardinal Dolan lied when he wrote that there were only two options, because he himself was pursuing option #3.  And if he did it before, he can do it again.

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  • sJames6621
  • sJames6621

    Francis did poo about the Argentine civil war. He wanted to protect the church

    Similar to Pacelli – Pius xii who they sainted. He wanted to maintain strict neutrality to protect the church. It wasnt until 1944 (after most of romes 7000 Jews were murdered that he started a forgery deal re vatican citizenship which got less then a thosuand Jews hidden in the vatican

    And then got 15000 hidden in castel Gandolpho – the summer retreat of the VAT.

    Read PIUSXii by Gerald Noel Buy from search engine

  • sJames6621

    BTW there are some BS statements around that the pill causes cancer. Well if the church wants to fight cancer the first thing it should do is attack what causes lung, mouth tongue and throat cancer – tobacco?

    I wonder how much of the churche’s investments of their funds includes purveyors of this deadly plant.

  • sJames6621

    Its hard to figure out what this is sayingg with all the claptrap involved. but it seems that the writer wants families with 8 or more children

    Thats what ususally happens in Islam – the woman is a baby factory. If these outrageous people btw wanted to end most abortions they should demand that every child be trained in all facets of birth control

    For those who go to xtian type schools that dont want to teach it, they should be required to go to courses taught by the state. IF they dont the state should not recognize their High school diplomas re eg entrance into state colleges etc.

  • Pere_ubu

    Raymond you imbecile- everything that is “wrong with Islam” is wrong with Catholicism. Go live in a cave with your weak women.

  • Arne_N_Gjorgov

    The Editor,
    The New York Times,
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skopje, Macedonia, May 29, 2013

    Re: ‘Archdiocese pays for health plan that covers birth control,’ by Sharon Otterman, NYT, May 26, 2013

    Dear Sirs:

    The promising good news, of covering birth-control plan, comes after Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan visited Pope Francisco in Vatican, last month. It may mean a return to the spirit of Pope Paul VI and his Humanae Vitae encyclical, of 1968, which, besides the restrictions on ‘artificial’ contraception, stipulated that the Church “does not at all consider illicit the use of those therapeutic means truly necessary to cure diseases of the organism, even if an impediment to procreation…should result therefrom…” (Paragraph 15. ‘Licitness of therapeutic means.’)

    There is no cure or therapy but prevention of the malignant insults of Nature and the life-threatening injuries to women of all ages, associated with the rapid transition and current state of decline from multiparty (≥8 children) to low parity (±2 children), such as breast cancer in unprecedented in human history epidemic form, without a well understood and wisely practiced non-barrier contraception could afford.

    This may mean disposing the incomplete and wrongly navigated study of condomization of female sexuality as related only to the lack of protection against HIV/STDs and unwanted pregnancies, as the late Card. Alfonso I. Trujillo elaborated in his one-sided review of ‘Family Values and Safe Sex,’ in 2003, while oblivious to condoms as a woman-killer barrier to the profound biological impact and physiological effects of the intimate (sexual) microenvironment of primordial woman-man relations and reproductive biosystem.

    The same fallacy seems to be enduring in the attached reference of ‘Birth Control and Family Planning,’ in the NY Times Health Guide, of May 28, 2013, espousing condoms, first and foremost, under the information of “effectiveness…(safe) health risk…preventing diseases (HIV/STDs)…” No mention about prevention/protection against the breast cancer epidemic and other rampant diseases in women and girls, such as anorexia-bulimia nervosa and, most likely, the widespread osteoporosis in mature women.

    Cardinal Dolan may fulfill his noble mission of helping the American and other women by requesting absolute exclusion of the long-overlooked demon (‘evil’) within the necessary contraceptive arsenal and practice, the condom, in order to save their health, lives and happiness.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Arne N. Gjorgov, M.D., Ph.D. (UNC-SPH, Chapel Hill, NC)
    Author of • “Barrier Contraception and Breast Cancer,” published in the distant 1980: x+164,
    • “Reproductive Health of Women: An Attempt to Define Breast Cancer Prevention” (2010),
    • “AIDS Changed America with the Twin Breast Cancer Epidemic: Exploring the Consequences of Condomization” (2011 Oct)
    CC. His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan

  • mgardener

    The arrogance of this man is unbelievable.

  • Zorba

    Hey, at least he’s not one of those posters who type in all caps! Those comments make my eyeballs bleed. ;-)
    But yes, there is a lot wrong with his post. And he has apparently missed all of John’s threads in which he takes on the Mormon Church, and Evangelicals like the right-wing American Family Association.

  • Yes. Thank you, karmanot.

  • BillFromDover

    “If you are against Catholic stances then you should work elsewhere. It’s very simple.”

    And if you are against Obama, to where should YOU move?

  • BillFromDover

    Venal or Vaginal?

  • BillFromDover

    “…and the catholic church will cease to be”

    One can only hope… yes, at least for a start?

  • BillFromDover

    “Dolan went on to claim that “each of the ministries entrusted to us by Jesus is now in jeopardy due to this.”

    Every time I hear Jesus interjected into politics by a Catholics ass-hat, I wanna puke!

    Seriously, dudes, come up with a twenty-first century argument; even if it’s only a teeny weeny one?

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    There is so much wrong with your post. Have you ever heard of capital letters? No and know sound alike, but the meanings are in no way similar. Apparently you believe that the only two religions in the U.S.A. are Roman Catholic and Islam. The Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, etc. would have a problem with that.

  • raymond

    the usa has has a long history of anti-catholicism going back to the no nothing party of the 1850s, the kkk, the “stop kennedy coalition” to keep a catholic out of the white house – the only non-protestant president this country mysteriously murdered. and this website continues to stir up anti-catholic sentiments at every opportunity it can get. maybe you will get your wish and the catholic church will cease to be – and then you can deal with an islam – a subject you seem to find no fault with. ….. at least be an equal opportunity basher for god’s sake…

  • spam

  • Edilberto Durano

    This is another bad news for the Catholic community. If I may suggest, they should reevaluate their officials regularly. No matter who you are, good and bad co-exist within us human beings.
    Ed of

  • Whitewitch

    Actually not true, I am not a Catholic, nor a believer of any sort and was offered a job at the Diocese in DC. They did not ask me to sign a waiver or state that I would follow their tenants. I think it is that they do not want to provide these services to even those employees that could take them.

  • True Dolan has more venal warts than a camp follower.

  • So true, Francis the talking Pope broke a nail over it.

  • A holy polterghost made him do it!

  • Dolan is a bloated old parasite right in synch with Opus Dei radicalism.

  • Yes. Now marked. Thank you, nicho.

  • I thought bearing false witness was a sin. Then again, so is criminally conspiring to protect child rapists from justice, so I guess this additional venal sin should come as no surprise.

  • Snaggletooth

    Uncle Dolan comics just got funnier…

  • nicho

    And when you take government money, you have to follow government policy. If the Catholic Church doesn’t want to follow government policy, it should refuse to take government money — and it’s tax subsidies. It’s very simple.

  • nicho


  • PeteWa

    of course this enabler of child rapists has no problem lying.

  • Diferido

    Life gives lessons,( ) as they will prevent others ignorant access to better health and quality of life benefits enjoyed theirs is the religion that you humility to arrogance for me.

  • Naja pallida

    So, why doesn’t this apply to other employers? I used to work for Microsoft, should they have made me use Windows computers only? When I worked for General Motors should they have refused to let me park my Honda in the employee parking lot? How far do you suppose it should go? Why do people who work for the church not deserve equal access to health care as people who do not? All in all, this is the fundamental problem with having employers involved in individual’s health care at all. I don’t want my boss telling me what medical care I am allowed to have or not have. The very concept of that is complete and utter bullshit.

  • Duncan Watson

    The Catholic Church doesn’t get to have the US government enforce religious restrictions. The Catholic Church gets to be careful on whom it hires. It is in the interest of the Community and therefor the government that people have access to proper healthcare.

  • Mead

    Well, generally when you are hired by the Catholic Church or Catholic institutions, you’re required to be a Catholic and uphold Catholic values. If you are against Catholic stances then you should work elsewhere. It’s very simple.

  • nicho

    Why in the world would he do that? Francis is a fraud, a front man for a corrupt organization. Dolan is one of the inner circle.

  • josephebacon

    I’m hoping against hope that Pope Francis smacks Dolan down!

  • emjayay

    Dolan doesn’t approve of gay people either.

  • emjayay

    By this reasoning, a janitors and office workers working for a Christian Science office should have a health care policy consisting of paying people to pray for them. Printers working for the Jehovah Witnesses should not have blood transfusions or kidney transplants included in their health insurance coverage.

    And what about anyone who doesn’t use contraceptives? Should they have special policies at lower rates?
    f a devout Catholic employee anywhere doesn’t want to use contraceptives, no one is forcing them to.

  • nicho

    The Catholic Church lying and covering things up??? Wow, never could have imagined that! Two thousand years of lying, murder, torture, political maneuvering, intrusion into government affairs, anti-seminitism, homophobia — and we’re supposed to be shocked by a little fib? The Roman Church is perhaps the longest-running corrupt organization in human history.

  • Indigo

    Dolan makes stuff up.

  • gratuitous

    But there’s a BIG difference now: Everyone can see that Cardinal Dolan’s dramatic over-dramatization of his newl-discovered personal drama is nothing more than smoke-blowing for the Nitwit Brigade. Don’t you appreciate for even a second how embarrassing that has to be for His Holiness? You heartless libruls!

  • S1AMER

    Now that this is out, you can bet the archdiocese will amend its insurance ASAP, and women will no longer get coverage. And if they can’t change the policy quickly enough to suit them, most likely they’d end coverage immediately.

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    “But ya are, Blanche.”

    Thank you. That put a smile on my face on a rather gloomy morning.

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