Boehner trying to pass bill to pay China, but shaft the troops

Jennifer Bendery at HuffPo reports that GOP House Speaker John Boehner admitted what Democrats have been claiming for a while.  Namely, that GOP legislation to address the debt ceiling would force the US to pay foreign holders of US debt like China before funding the US military.

Call it: China’s financial amnesty bill.

House Republicans are trying to pass the “Full Faith and Credit Act,” which attempts to “prioritize” who and what gets funded if the House GOP lets America reach its debt ceiling, and thus the government runs out of money (yes, the Republicans are still playing with America’s credit rating, and the entire world’s economy).

The way the GOP prioritizes spending in the bill, debt-holders like China would get paid, while the US military’s nearly 2 million troops would not.

Hong Kong via Shutterstock

Hong Kong via Shutterstock

When asked about this by Peter Cook on Bloomberg TV, Boehner didn’t disagree with this analysis of how the bill would work.

We’ve said before that while Republicans may not hate the troops, they don’t care about them much either.

(Remember when the Bush’s administration refused to give our troops in Iraq adequate body armor? Funny, Lindsey Graham and John McCain weren’t nearly as vocal about that as they are Benghazi.)

But it’s understandable that Republicans don’t care about the troops.  After all, most US service members don’t hold seats on Wall Street, or on the boards of big banks, so they’re not terribly useful to GOP politicians, except during elections – thus Lindsey Graham’s interest in Benghazi, which he’s already fundraised off of.

You see, Republicans see tragedy, especially those involving national security, as “opportunities,” as the Romney campaign famously described the taking of US hostages in Iran, and the death of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

So you shouldn’t be surprised that American service members are struggling to survive while John Boehner worries more about paying China.  Remember this story from just last month?

John Stanton at Buzzfeed had a horrific story on Monday about Jeff Maryak, a 39-year-old Army reservist and combat vet, who now is thinking of going back to war in order to pay his debts.  You see, Maryak’s DOD salary was just cut by 27% because of the sequester.  Imagine your salary being cut by 27%, when you owe a mortgage.  When you have kids.  It’s disgusting that the Republicans are doing this to a combat vet because they care more about their billionaires, and they hate our government so much that if US service members are collateral damage, so be it.

Did Boehner fix things so that our vets wouldn’t have to re-enlist simply to afford to stay alive?  No.  Boehner fixed the part of the sequester that affected him personally, flight delays at DC’s National Airport.

So don’t expect John Boehner to lift a finger to help US troops during the debt ceiling debate either.  Unless American troops get Chinese citizenship, or become the CEO of Goldman Sachs, John Boehner and the GOP are too busy to care.

Hey, now there’s a bill the Democrats should try to pass: Give the troops honorary Chinese citizenship so they can finally get some help from the GOP.

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