A 4th Grade science quiz from a creationist school

Snopes has confirmed that a purported 4th Grade creationist school science test, making its way around the Web, is in fact real, and comes from a South Carolina Christian school.

And it’s quite horrifying.

In the test, we learn that the earth is not billions of years old.  Dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago, but rather lived alongside man, and that God made dinosaurs on the sixth day.


(I’d reported earlier on the voucher school history book that teaches that hippies didn’t bathe and worshipped Satan.)

My favorite part of the test, however, is what comes at the very end of it, at the bottom of page 2:


Good luck with that answer on your SATs. (h/t Phil Plait at Slate)

PS Harpocrates Speaks has a fun twist on the quiz.

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