A 3 y.o. girl describes mommy’s pregnancy in 4 seconds (video)

A 3 y.o. girl describes mommy’s pregnancy in 4 seconds (video)


I’m going to guess that this little girl will be fine with the diary of Anne Frank when she hits seventh grade.

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  • splashy79

    Gotta give them credit for telling her the truth. Well done!

  • Wellstoner

    I think the proper term is “front butt”.

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  • Frebnedzo

    When I (male) was interviewing for a baby-sitting job, the 2 year old girl I was to sit for sat down next to me and nonchalontly said to her father “Bob has a penis”. I got the job!

  • luwokoveheh

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  • 2patricius2


  • http://www.rebeccamorn.com/mind BeccaM

    The key word here is she accurately describes it.

  • https://profiles.google.com/BobMunck/about Bob Munck

    That’s not what she said…

  • Dave of the Jungle

    Out of the mouth of babes…

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