Worst. Commercial. Ever. (video)

Eagleman was apparently a commercial from Chicago in the early 1990s. No clue. But boy it’s bad.

And that hair!


Below is the Eagleman commercial, and an extra video special, “The making of Eagleman.”

The Commercial:

The making of the commercial:

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  • Then there’s Detroit’s “House of Louie” for French Provincial bed suites in Pearlescent pastel colors, being sold by Mrs HL in a Marie Antoinette getup.

  • carp

    “Call NAtional 2-9000, NAtional 2-9…”

  • AnitaMann

    There may be a copy of a commercial I acted in, circa 1988, for a teen chat line. I almost wish I’d saved a copy. I had to do a rap song. It ran late night in Chicago for about a year. Some people pointed at me on the street. You might have caught it and laughed.

  • Phil

    Yes, but before Eagleman, we had the Long Chevrolet kid (Extra! Extra!), Bert Weinman – your singing Ford Man, etc. My favorite icon, was the Magikist neon lips by the three main expressways leading downtown.

  • I love ketchup on my hot dog. I’ll bring my own bottle if I have to.

  • Oh my god, they both look right out of a 70s gay porn video LOL

  • samizdat

    Awesome! Cheesy local commercials from the 50’s to the early 90’s are the BEST!

  • I do put Ketchup on my dogs, and my brats ;-) But I left before Eagleman. Did grow up with Empire Carpet, and my favorite, Timmy at Long Chevrolet who finally, thank god, got that pie in his face

  • Really? I hate the 1980’s,but the 1990’s were almost just as crass and idiotic.Where is my barf-bag ?

  • AndyinChicago

    I think even as a Chicago import, you these legends are passed on through an oral tradition until you get thyself to a youtube.

  • HKDaniel

    Cue the Leonard Pimpf Garnel commentary.

  • Ow! I think I broke my brain. Eagleman lays eggs? Which hatch in seconds? Now there’s some nightmare fuel.

    Where’s the scotch…where’s the goddamn scotch!

    Ah, here’s a lovely antidote: The ‘reboot’ live action film remake of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ (trailer). Enjoy.


  • Geez ARP. You OK. Do you need a hug?

  • ARP

    How can you call yourself a Chicagoan and not know Eagleman, VIctory Auto Wreckers, Bob Roooaarman, Moo and Oink, Empire Carpet, etc. Next thing you know, you’re going to ask for ketchup on your hot dog….heathen.

  • Another classic. Victoy Auto Wreckers – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbHV0vkHjXA They are still in business!

  • Must have run in the wee hours of the morning. I live in the Chicagoland area and don’t remember ever seeing this.

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