I can has gravity, or, Cats… In… Space…

In an odd experiment, US Air Force scientists took cats into a weightless situation – flying high up in a steep arc to create zero gravity for 15 seconds – and tested whether cats would flip over when dropped, the way they do in normal gravity.

They didn’t.

I’m not entirely sure what the point was of this experiment. If there’s no gravity, you don’t drop, so the cat wouldn’t know to flip. Then again, perhaps they were trying to find whether it was the dropping, or the appearance of dropping (i.e., the cat seeing itself in mid-air, untethered) that provoked the cat to flip over.

weightless-catAnyway, it was kind of a funny mess. The cats start at around 3:40 into the video.

Actually at around the 4:10 mark some pigeons that they tested too. The pigeons get a bit discombobulated trying to fly. That one is actually quite interesting.

Apparently some animal-lovers in the comments over at YouTube got very upset about the cat experiments, prompting one YouTuber to write in response (in jest):

Slightly inconveniencing those cats is literally worse than the holocaust.


Here are some more animals in space, for those who are interested:

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