Weekend cooking – buttermilk fried chicken

I’ve been on the road for a few weeks so have hardly had time for any kind of blogging, including weekend cooking.

If there’s one thing that I absolutely love eating, it’s fried chicken. I can’t find buttermilk in Paris so I’ve been doing my marinade using yogurt for years, but if I could find it, I’d probably use buttermilk. I’m also a big fan of using Old Bay seasoning but as a guy from Baltimore, what else are you going to use?

I’ve also see an Indonesian recipe once that marinated the chicken in coconut milk and that also sounds pretty good but really, this recipe sounds like a classic. He also makes it sound really easy and easy in the kitchen is always good. The big downside to fried chicken is the mess and of course, eating fried food shouldn’t be done every day but once a year sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

This is a real American meal so please, jump in with comments if you have any other methods that are particularly good.

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