Wonderful “telling the in-laws you’re pregnant” video

This is a great feel-good video of what happens when you sneakily tell the in-laws that you’re pregnant.

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  • hollywoodstein


  • hollywoodstein

    sometimes there is context to it too. When will you go from cheerleader to not? At 7 bill and one? At eight bill and two? At thirty billion and three? At fifty billion and one?

    After the last elephant is slaughtered for ivory. After the last wild rhino is killed for penile enhancement. After the last tiger is stuffed? After the last snow leopard loses it’s mountain redoubt. After the lesser and included animals are reduced below sustainable levels?

    Will you still be happy clapping then? Yay, another pregnancy. Yeah, don’t stop to think, let alone change norms, let alone change laws.

    How many billions of humans before you think to not celebrate let alone sanction the unmitigated joy of the easy production of another human spawn? How many tens, no hundreds, no thousands, no hundreds of thousands, no millions of species extinctions, are you okay with occurring, and saying all along sometimes a youtube video is only a youtube video.

    I realize that you won’t win prizes at the Rotary Club. I also realize you are smarter than that.

  • hollywoodstein

    Sometimes it is :).

  • Exorcist III

  • Easy—–so, not gay.

  • emjayay

    Whose idea was clumped up kitchen curtains? I don’t get it.

  • milli2

    I hope this woman isn’t in the delivery room when the time comes.

  • Sometimes a Youtube is just a Youtube :)

  • Yeah I was expecting the dog to freak out too

  • LOL

  • She sounds like that screaming goat video. :-)

  • ComradeRutherford

    ‘Dorothy’ sure is happy…

  • That poor dog is now deaf…

  • hollywoodstein


  • hollywoodstein

    so we are told.

  • hollywoodstein


  • hollywoodstein


  • hollywoodstein

    punch bowl.

  • hollywoodstein

    You are celebrating making more people, and it is people’s emotional response as evinced in the video that makes people make more people though we are not making more land. She didn’t come across as very thoughtful or rational did she.

    Plus everyone likes the sexytime.

    It’s why I stopped conservation work after Dian got killed. We are not going to be able to stop until there are too many of us.

  • hollywoodstein

    Actually you are celebrating the reason why the human species is doomed.

  • The poor dog!

  • :-)

  • Oh I thought it was adorable.

  • That woman is incredibly annoying.

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