Sequester stops Philly cops from arresting pot smokers (video)

Oh the humanity!  It’s an odd video, taken a few days ago on April 20 in Philadelphia, otherwise known was 4/20 – or 420, which is code/slang for smoking marijuana. At the exact hour of 4:20pm, the crowd lit up marijuana joints, as a protest against anti-pot laws.

Some police in Pennsylvania are asked to get involved when some protesters are smoking pot in a federal park. The guy is quite incensed about it – the cops, not so much. His particular concern is that they’re doing it around small kids.

Somehow, I think the kids will be just fine passing by a group of protesters just as the kids are just fine passing by anyone who may be drinking a beer. It’s not the end of the world, except for one whiny guy.

pot-smoking-phillyInterestingly, the cops, or whoever they are, seem oddly disinterested in doing anything about the pot smoking. They keep telling the guy that the pot smokers have a protest permit. He keeps responding, they have a permit to smoke pot? LOL

But the best part is that the apparently-federal cops seem to suggest that the reason they can’t intervene is the sequester budget cuts, though the sequester actually forced the Park Police to start furloughing employees on April 21, this past Sunday. Having said that, I know our local park here in DC, which is a federal park (it’s like that in DC), had to cut services weeks ago because of the sequester, so clearly the Park Service was already hit).

Read some of the transcript, then the video below:

They’re smoking marijuana over here.


You’re letting them do that?

It’s on federal property, they have a permit.

Right, but they don’t have a permit to smoke marijuana.

They have a permit with the parks.

Did the park give them a permit to smoke marijuana?

I can’t talk to you about the permit. If you want, I can get you a contact with our permit…

They’re smoking marijuana.

I’m aware sir.

Then he talks to another cop – here’s where the sequester comes into play:

Sir, are you aware they’re smoking marijuana over here?

Yes, we know that there’s some activity going on.

Are you gonna enforce the law?

We don’t have the resources to do that right now.

Well you can disperse, revoke their permit.

We don’t have the resources to do that.

Anyone else guessing that before the protest, the whiner was in full support of all the budget cuts?

Some of the comments left on the video are priceless:


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