Dems should stop politicizing gay rights, says Romney 2012 campaign manager

Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign manager, Stuart Stevens, is very upset about Democrats politicizing gay marriage.  Video below, here’s a quote from it:

“200 hours ago or so, Hillary Clinton hadn’t announced that she was for gay marriage. The 2008 Democratic platform was not for gay marriage…. I think to try to divide this between political lines is really the wrong way to go. It’s clearly not a party issue when you have Hillaryn Clinton following Rob Portman. I don’t think people are looking at is as an R[epublican] and D[emocratic] issue.”

Hmm. Not an R and D issue. Well, let’s see.

  • Democratic President Barack Obama is for gay marriage.
  • GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney isn’t.
  • Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid is for gay marriage.
  • GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell is against gay marriage.
  • House Demcoratic leader Nancy Pelosi is for gay marriage.
  • House Republican Speaker John Boehner is against gay marriage.

What am I missing?

Which party embraced gay marriage in its platform?  Democrats.

Which party not only opposes gay marriage in its platform, but actually calls for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?  Republican.

And where are the parties on:

  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal: Ds for, Rs against.
  • ENDA: Ds for, Rs against
  • DOMA repeal: Ds for, Rs against.
  • Hate crimes expansion: Ds for, Rs against.

And where was Mitt Romney, the party’s presidential candidate on gay rights?  Abysmal.  Romney  was bad on ENDA, DOMA and DADT, and he was for the anti-gay constitutional amendment.  Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’d you like the Pride parade?

Then in response to Andrea Mitchell quoting Cong. John Lewis calling gay rights “the civil rights issue of our generation,” Stevens had this to say:

“So two weeks ago Hillary Clinton was on the wrong side of the definitive civil rights issue of our time?  I just find that a hard case to make.  And a year and a half ago Barack Obama was on the right side of the definitive civil rights issue of our time?”

Uh, yeah.

Then there’s this whopper from Stevens:

“think that it’s just not helpful to try to make this a hyper-political issue.”

Yeah, cuz Republicans never do that.

Also, underlying Stevens entire argument is this idea that somehow gay rights is “new” on the scene, and even pro-gay Democrats only got on board a few weeks ago.  Yeah, right.  We’ve been welcomed openly as a part of the Democratic coalition since the first Clinton election in 1992.  As for the Republicans, it’s still not clear how they feel about us, considering gays are still banned from the number one conservative conference every year.  Hell, CPAC even banned the mention of the word gay.

As for Hillary, yeah, she came a bit late to the gay marriage bandwagon.  But neither she nor her husband came late to the gay civil rights bandwagon overall.  You sadly cannot say the same for most prominent Republicans.

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