PPP: Backlash against Senators who opposed background check bill

A lot of people wondered how the background check legislation, whose popularity polls in the upper 80s to low 90s, could lose in the US Senate.

But lose it did.

Now, PPP polling – a polling outfit we’ve written about before, they’re HIGHLY trusted – says five Senators, four of whom are Republican, are seeing a serious backlash in their polling numbers as a result of their vote against expanding background checks.

PPP’s full polling results are here.

New PPP polls in Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, and Ohio find serious backlash against the 5 Senators who voted against background checks in those states. Each of them has seen their approval numbers decline, and voters say they’re less likely to support them the next time they’re up for reelection. That’s no surprise given that we continue to find overwhelming, bipartisan support for background checks in these states.

The Senators in question are Republican Jeff Flake of Arizona, Repub Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Dem Mark Begich of Alaska, Repub Rob Portman of Ohio, and Repub Dean Heller of Nevada.  Interesting that it’s four Republicans who are in trouble.

PPP continues:

Taken together these results make it pretty clear that this issue could be a serious liability for the Senators who opposed overwhelmingly popular background checks in the Senate vote earlier this month….

“The background checks vote is a rare one that really is causing these Senators trouble back home,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “All five of these Senators, as well as Kelly Ayotte, have seen their approval numbers decline in the wake of this vote. And the numbers make it clear that their position on Manchin/Toomey is a major factor causing the downward spiral.”

It’s rare, but nice to see, opposition to gun control finally biting some politicians in the behind.

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