2 million “no benefit cuts” signatures delivered to White House (video)

Update: I encourage you to watch the replay. And as you do, count the number of bold progressive organizational leaders who threaten Democrats.

N.O.W. VP (Correction: Terry O’Neill, Pres.): “I don’t get paid to care about protecting the Democratic brand. Women weren’ t born Republican or Democrat.” MoveOn speaker threatens Dem primaries. PCCC co-founder says Dems will pay if they vote for cuts.

I thank these bold leaders for these bold statements. I encourage each listener to note them. And I encourage each listener to hold progressives accountable for boldness, just as we hold Dems accountable.

We should do what we ask of them. Happy listening. It’s an interesting set of pronouncements.

Earlier we wrote about the House Democratic heroes who have promised to hold the line on all benefit cuts — with their votes. No Dennis Kucinich Plane Ride for them. Senator Bernie Sanders has promised the same in the Senate, and more will follow.

At the same time, more than two million petition signatures have been collected by progressive organizations, asking President Obama to reverse his reported decision to put Social Security and Medicare benefit cuts in his budget.


Click the video and watch live as these petition signatures are delivered to the White House. The event happened at 1230pm ET today, April 9.

The details are below. Note the opportunity to participate if you’re a Beltway resident.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA)
Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN)
Damon Silvers, Policy Director, AFL-CIO
Former Obama for America Supporters & Seniors on Social Security
Stephanie Taylor, Progressive Change Campaign Committee Co-Founder
Jim Dean, Democracy for America Chair
Max Richtman, Nat. Cmmte. to Preserve Social Security and Medicare President and CEO
Bonnie Grabenhofer, National Organization for Women Executive Vice President
[Late change: Terry O’Neill, N.O.W. President]
Roger Hickey, Campaign for America’s Future President
Manny Hermann, MoveOn.org Deputy Dir. of Online Organizing Platforms

WHENTuesday April 9, at 12:30pm (ET)

WHERE: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Wash. DC (in front of White House opposite Lafayette Sq.)

If you’re local, do drop by. Should make for an interesting lunch-time event. Can’t wait to see who “receives” them.


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18 Responses to “2 million “no benefit cuts” signatures delivered to White House (video)”

  1. Moderator4 says:

    That is not what you called Obama, and you are well aware of this. If you are not, you need to get your own clue, ggetaclue.
    You are banned.

  2. ggetaclue says:

    He is their personal slave. FORTY EIGHT PERCENT of the US population lives in POVERTY.

    Forty. eight.

    And our Preznit caters exclusively to masters at the banks. Yup, yup. Not a racial epithet. True. Unless you think I can’t call Obama a slave to the banksters because he’s black?

  3. Moderator4 says:

    The word that you used that was edited out was, indeed, racially charged. You may say that he is beholden to the bankers using more appropriate terminology.

  4. ggetaclue says:

    When these motherfuckers start finding their grandchildren swinging from lampposts, things will change. When people start dying off in droves in the streets, perhaps then our “elites” will start to understand about biology and how disease doesn’t
    care about your bank account.

    It saddens me that yes, it will have to come to that, because nothing appeals to these people at all. They have no compassion, it is a sociopathic class of overseers who would just as soon see us all die.

    In the meantime, as fewer and fewer people get the health care they need; the nutrition they need; the shelter they need… as more and more of us are shoved off the grid; the growing threat to PUBLIC HEALTH becomes a factor.

    It is the saddest thing to me that in 2013, FORTY EIGHT PERCENT (48%) of the population of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LIVES IN POVERTY.

    That’s almost HALF the COUNTRY living in POVERTY.

    Right here, in the USA.

    And Chained CPI (aka “let them eat cake”) will guarantee that millions more fall into poverty.

    The United States of America is now THE #1 industrialized THIRD WORLD COUNTRY on EARTH.

    GG America!

  5. ggetaclue says:

    FDR was “allowed” to create Social Security, which frankly was a move that staved off a US version of Bastile Day.

  6. ggetaclue says:

    It’s not racially charged to point out that Obama has been a manservant to the banksters. Learn to speak English. I suppose you also erroneously believe the world “niggardly” is a racial epithet. Gawd what has happened to our LANGUAGE?????

  7. Moderator4 says:

    Comment edited. You are welcome to disagree with Obama all you want. Calling anyone a racially-charged name is not acceptable, however.

  8. ggetaclue says:

    never thought I’d see a “democrat” proposing to gut Social Security.
    It’s not even part of the budget and is ENTIRELY SELF FUNDING.

    FUCK YOU, MR. OBAMA. You little stepenfetchit for the banksters.

  9. BeccaM says:

    Yeah… The whole point of Social Security was to make it so that nobody had to live in abject poverty when they became old.

    Now, our Lords and Masters wish to reinstate the whole ‘abject poverty’ thing, so they’ll erode the earned benefit of a Social Security pension so that it doesn’t provide anything like dignity or a decent retirement. Even as worker productivity has never been higher, we peons are being told we must subsist on less.

  10. condew says:

    I saw a headline in the past week about some seniors with cancer not getting chemo due to the sequester. We’re already there.

  11. condew says:

    I remember Rachael Maddow’s “boiling the frog” metaphor. That’s chained CPI in a nutshell, scheduling the elimination of Social Security so it happens real slowly. A little hard on my parents, much harder on me, unbearably hard on my youngest brother, and then NOTHING for the next generation. Poverty in old age creaps back into America, and my Senators can’t even bother to show up and my Representative, Steny Hoyer, cheers the destruction on.

  12. condew says:

    A pretty sad showing by Democrats. Just Senator Sanders, and not one Democrat from the Senate? Shameful. Only 2 Democrats from the House out of hundreds? The Democratic party thinks this pathetic show of interest in an issue that affects every working American is adequate? Looks like the Democratic party is bought and paid for, and only 2 Representatives didn’t get the memo. I’ll mention this to the next asshole who calls asking for a donation to the DSCC, the DCCC, or any individual member other than the 3 who showed up. Where was Senator Franken? Where was Elizabeth Warren? Where were the 20 who signed the no-cuts letter? This was a rally to show that Obama and is Republican buddies can slash Social Security any way the want, Elected Democrats don’t give a damn.

  13. karmanot says:

    The long arc of injustice kisses its own ass.

  14. basenjilover says:

    This is the most shameful idea to come out of Obama. Presenting petitions and threatening Obama and his enabling Democrats will absolutely do nothing. There has to be a much more effective disruptive protests (Act Up comes to mind) to get Obama’s FULL attention. Any ideas? We need to start hitting Obama right where it will hurt his legacy permanently. I’m so fricking tired of his “compromising” ways.

  15. BeccaM says:

    The richest nation (empire, really) on the planet. What some like to proclaim the greatest nation there ever was, is, and will be.

    And we can’t even guarantee our own citizens freedom from poverty, hunger, and untreated sickness.

    We can’t afford it, our plutocratic lords and masters tell us, even as they fly on their tax-subsidized private jets, pull down millions of dollars in pay and benefits even when they fail miserably, and buy themselves posh $500 meals at ridiculously pretentious little restaurants like Saison, in San Francisco.

    We really need to stop rewarding these traitors to the American people with continued elected terms of office.

  16. nicho says:

    Social Security was started by someone a lot of people considered “an traitor to his class.” It will be destroyed by someone who is proving himself a traitor to his class. So, you do have to admire the symmetry, if nothing else.

  17. karmanot says:

    “Why not just let them die quickly” That is exactly the plan. It disgusts me to recall Sarah Palin’s ‘death panels’. She was right, between slashing Medicare and Social Security we seniors, many of whom have debilitating illnesses will quickly die off. If you think this hyperbole, consider the fact that Obama Care was and remains largely opaque until 2014. They considered a die off rate of about 40,000 a year an acceptable static until the wonders of his Insurance giveaway takes place.

  18. dd says:

    When Americans learn that their mother or father can no longer afford rent and food, (it’s gonna be pay for one or the other) and will have to move in with them, it will hit home. How will my mom – who gets little more than $900 a month – be able to sustain a cut of $1000 a year, every year? After 5 years, that is $5000 that is taken from her; how can they survive without moving in with the kids? Even if she were making $18K a year in benefits with $1000 per year cut each year starting at age 85, how can that be sustainable with healthcare, food prices, etc. skyrocketing? At age 65, they start taking at least $650 each year out of your income and that is just the build-up to a thousand a year every year. That is what chained CPI is.

    I suppose there are workhouses aren’t there? Why not just let them die quickly to reduce the “excess population”? It makes me sick to my stomach.

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