“My mother’s cockatoo has spent ten years trying to kill me” (video)

This video cracked me up. It’s about a guy, and his mom’s cockatoo, named Boo, that has spent ten years trying to kill him.  This video is titled: “Boo, attempt 457.”

Mom apparently doesn’t quite believe it, even though Boo reportedly ate part of his brother’s ear a while back.

So the kid explains to mom that “it helps when you go away, she thinks she can get away with it.” Apparently the bird only acts up when mom can’t see.

So, in order to prove it, he has mom leave him alone in the room with the bird, who’s a good 20, 25 feet away.

“Can you go in that room and close the door?” he asks his mom.

Mom leaves. That’s when the fun begins. The bird immediately descends and begins its slow attack.  The video starts slow, keep watching.

The guy’s dialogue with the bird, when he’s face to face and the thing is ready to maul him, cracked me up:

“I know what you want to do, you little son of a b*tch. You want to rip my face off, f*cking little dinosaur.”

And he’s not wrong. When it’s PO’d, the bird looks a lot like that nasty little dinosaur that ate Newman:



I love what the mom says when she finally comes back to save him:

Mom: “It’s a one pound bird.”

Kid: “Yeah, half that weight is jaw strength.”

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