McDonald’s is now “healthy”?

Hmm.  McDonald’s is arguing that some of its new menu items are actually healthy.

And it’s not completely untrue.  As much as we like to laugh at the concept of McDonald’s being “healthy,” it is true that you don’t have to eat the nasty every time go to McDonald’s or Burger King.  Most fast food places have chicken sandwiches, for example, and usually a grilled chicken option.  And while I’m no huge fan of the grilled chicken at these places, in a pinch, when I’m on the road, and it’s McDonald’s or nothing, I’ll sometimes get them instead of a burger, just to be a bit healthier.  So it’s good they offer them.

A McDonald’s nutrition specialist (don’t laugh) spoke to the Salt Lake Tribune recently, and did point out a few good things the fast-food chain is doing, such as lowering the amount of fat in its chocolate milk to zero, since moms were asking for it.  Also, she noted that McDonald’s will soon have a new breakfast sandwich that’s made entirely of egg whites, which are far healthier than whole eggs, particularly in terms of cholesterol.

McDonald’s nutrition person was less successful at explaining any efforts being made to make a Big Mac or french fries “healthier.”  Ha.

Burger and fries via Shutterstock

Burger and fries via Shutterstock

And truth be told, as much fun as it is for all of us to pick on McDonald’s, I do like their burgers.  I don’t eat there regularly, but I do go there when I’m in the car traveling for a few hours somewhere, or in the airport (sometimes), and I’ll splurge (health-wise) on a burger and fries, and I do enjoy it.  Part of the problem is people who go to McDonald’s a lot, and aren’t eating salads and grilled chicken.  So I don’t entirely blame McDonald’s.  Burgers are simply not health food.

What I will blame McDonald’s for is having a CEO who’s a homophobe.  That’s not healthy. You might recall that their CEO, Donald Thompson, caused a bit of a stir a year ago by telling the Chicago Tribune that a McDonald’s ad showing a gay kid having lunch with his dad wouldn’t be running in America because “I’m a Christian.”

Yeah, I’m a Christian too.  Bite me.

Then there was the McDonald’s in Ohio that was handing out GOP election propaganda to its employees.

Or the time McDonald’s refused worker’s comp to a hero McDonald’s employee, Nigel Haskett, who was shot multiple times while rescuing a woman who was being punched by a man.  The man’s medical bills came to $300,000.  Here’s what McDonald’s had to say about that:


And let’s not even talk about the transgender woman who was attacked at a McDonald’s by two patrons, in full view of the employees who did nothing other than film the attack on their cell phones. Well, McDonald’s pathetic manager kept saying “stop, stop” as the women kept coming back and punching and kicking the poor trans woman over and over again.  The attack went on for minutes.  The manager wasn’t exactly a profile in courage.  And you can hear, apparently whoever is holding the camera, laughing at the attack.  Then again, we know that McDonald’s doesn’t pay worker’s comp if you’re injured saving a customer, so this is the kind of behavior such a policy engenders.

So it’s all well and good that McDonald’s now believes in egg whites. It would be nice if the company believed in equality as well.  Because the only thing more unhealthy than fat and cholesterol, is hate.

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