“Powerful Jewish forces” in America concern lead religious right group with ties to GOP

Sandy Rios, the former head of the Concerned Women for America, and now a radio host for the American Family Association, is worried about Jews.

In a discussion with birther and Swiftboater Jerome Corsi, who has made some odd comments about Jews before, Rios delves into her concern that “powerful Jewish forces” are behind the ACLU:

Rios: I know that there are powerful Jewish forces behind the ACLU; can you just say a word about that very briefly, what’s that all about?

(I hear “powerful Jewish forces” and all I can think of is “ancient Chinese secret.”)

Corsi, you see, is concerned that the ACLU is trying to remove God from America in order to turn us into a socialist country.

Jews forbidden sign, via Shutterstock

Jews forbidden sign, via Shutterstock

But Rios’ anti-semitic comment is far more important.  Sandy Rios was the head of one of the top religious right groups in America.  And she’s now doing a radio show for another top religious right group.  And she’s asking questions that sure sound anti-semitic.  Which is interesting, considering the religious right’s recent love affair with all-things-Israel.

But keep in mind a few things.

1) The religious right doesn’t even think Catholics are Christians – in fact, they think Catholics worship Satan.  What do you think they really think of Jews?  Actually, we already know.

2) The religious right’s love affair with Israel is a tad selfish.  You see, 2/3 of the world’s Jews need to die in order for Jesus to come back in the Second Coming.  And the Jews can’t die if Israel is wiped off the map.  The only real far-right Republicans like Israel is because they need to preserve Israel so that it can be later destroyed.

3) This isn’t the America Family Association’s first brush with anti-semitism.

Does a “Jewish upbringing” lead to a life of crime?

In the March issue of American Family Association Journal, a publication of Donald E. Wildmon’s right-wing evangelical activist group, the American Family Association (AFA), author Randall Murphree suggested that a Jewish upbringing leads to hatred of Christians, and by extension, a criminal lifestyle.Do Jews control Hollywood?

The AFA Journal has long served as a platform for anti-Semitic theories and innuendo. For instance, Wildmon warned of Jewish control over popular culture, an old anti-Semitic canard, in a January 1989 article, “What Hollywood Believes and Wants.” “The television elite are highly secular,” Wildmon wrote. “The majority (59 percent) in the Jewish faith.” In a separate article in the same issue, titled “Anti-Semitism Called a Serious Problem,” Wildmon, a longtime opponent of gay rights, pointedly remarked that “Jews favor homosexual rights more than other Americans.”

What is especially disturbing, however, is how the Republican party has no problem palling around with these people.  Corsi was permitted on the Romney campaign plane.  As for the AFA, they are incestuously tied in with the Republican party.  Top Republicans routinely go on AFA radio, even though one of its hosts, Bryan Fischer, is a nutjob who recently claimed that Latinos are all socialists.

Among the GOP presidential candidates, and politicians, who have gone on Fischer’s radio show in the past:

Fischer frequently hosts likely presidential candidates who are looking to make inroads among Religious Right voters. Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, former House speaker Newt Gingrich, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and businessman HermanCain have all appeared on Fischer’s radio show. In addition, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour were both guests on Fischer’s show while they were weighing runs for the presidency.

Last year at the Values Voter Summit, which was co-sponsored by AFA Action, Fischer shared a stage with Huckabee, Bachmann, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Indiana Rep. Mike Pence.

Many GOP members of Congress have also been guests on Fischer’s radio show, including: Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, Rep. Steve Kingof Iowa, Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia, Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho, of Mississippi and Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas. Among the major conservative activists who have appeared on Focal Point are Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, David Barton of WallBuilders, Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum and Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express.

The AFA also has monetary ties to Newt Gingrich.

Fischer guy isn’t an outlier.  He and his organization are mainstream Republican extremists who everyone in the party has to suck up to, or they get nowhere.  They cosponsor “the” annual “family values” conference that EVERYONE on the right goes to. Perry has gone, Romney, Huckabee, Bachmann, Paul Ryan as the VP nominee (Romney sent a video), and more.

And keep in mind: Fischer is the reason Mitt Romney let go of his openly gay spokesman.  He has immense power in the Republican party.

So when AFA radio openly worries about the influence in America of “powerful Jews,” the problem goes far beyond the religious right – it goes to the heart of the extremists controlling the modern Republican party.

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  • Ferdiad

    You all have it wrong. Zionists are a tool of the right. So are the Saudi’s and Sunni Islam. By keeping them all fighting and divided, they all need American support and weapons.

  • I’d also like to point out something that you choose to ignore. Have you been to a European synagogue? Usually, there’s serious security. The synagogues in Paris have often barricades around them. I guess it’s because they feel so safe nowadays. Just yesterday two films in the local Detroit suburb JCC were cancelled and rescheduled, because there were unattended packages and the Jewish organizations don’t like to joke with their security and potential harm. So, yes, I have to say that while this is true, a bit scrutiny of anti-Israel arguments wouldn’t hurt.

  • It was your use of Shoah. I was merely pointing out that your “comparison” was just a tit bit out of proportion. And yes, words and numbers do matter.

  • Well, if it’s hard for you, I can’t help you. Sorry. Other people somehow manage. For example, somehow I manage to criticize many an Israeli policy without veering into anti-Semitism. So, please, put away your canard about “all criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism” away.

    And we also hold a population without trial in Guantanamo, can you criticize that? Is your criticism of American policies immediately anti-American? No. However, if the criticism came from someone, who can’t criticize Muslim regimes on the same basis, I’d say that “yes, that criticism is anti-American.” Nuance. That’s how people have managed to think and argue for centuries.

  • The same thing it has meant since before its founding. Being Jewish does not mean only following Judaism. If you take a second and look at how being Jewish is viewed outside of the US, you’ll see that it is viewed as an ethnicity. And that is the meaning given to the adjective in the phrase Jewish state.

  • Just fine until that last paragraph and you dropped a load.

  • “You clearly hold Israel to a different standard than the rest of the Middle East and that is RACIST” —–absolute nonsense. Israel is held to a different standard because it is engaged in an apartheid occupation of another ‘country’ and holds atomic weapons.

  • there was a mass purging of Jews in Europe following the Black Death–ironically, Germany agreed to take a lot of them in.

  • Republicans are still known for their ‘exclusive’ country golf clubs. A fact that Rand Paul considers Libertarian.

  • Mine was Irish and she said the same thing.

  • Yes —-Rising from the power vacuums created by the wars of Egypt, Babylonia, and the Hittites over mineral rights like copper.

  • it’s a neat trick, huh? Great sleight-of-hand. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to count my piles of gold :)

  • yet Catholic clergy was a powerful force for gaining human rights in Latin America and Catholic charities are picking up the slack during the economic contractions. There’s a big difference between the big wigs in the Vatican and activist clergy in the trenches.

  • + LIKE!

  • I vehemently disagree with your statement about the two-state solution. I see it as the only solution and while it is currently DOA, that doesn’t mean it can’t be revived when the political climate shifts.

  • Bullshit! One innocent, murdered dead child is enough to earn the curse of Shoah. And no, anti-Zionist is not the same as anti-Semitic. Your trick of numbers reveals an utter lack of humanity. Every time you wave the souls of 6 million murdered by Nazi’s to excuse Zionist slaughter of Palestinians you disgrace the Holocaust, further the Israeli apartheid is a cultural genocide in plain sight of the world. Shame on you!

  • to be fair, there were a lot of marauding tribes back then. Too true about the lack of archaeological evidence. I agree that the “chosen people” label should be retired; it’s divisive and archaic.

  • MyrddinWilt

    What do you mean by Jewish state?

    The idea of a Jewish State should be as illegitimate as a Catholic state, an Islamic state or any other theocratic state. If the intention is secular then the claim is even worse, a white state was the very definition of apartheid.

    Sharansky is an Israeli politician, a founder of a jackboot wearing party himself, a bigot. We don’t need his test.

  • Assad is guilty of killing more Arabs than a lot of people and I don’t think it’s relevant. The 3D test is problematic, for example: “Since this anti-Semitism can hide behind the veneer of legitimate
    criticism of Israel, it is more difficult to expose. Making the task even
    harder is that this hatred is advanced in the name of values most of
    us would consider unimpeachable, such as human rights.” This makes any criticism of Israel suspect and conveniently puts the burden off of the Jewish State for committing any human rights violations, which I am ashamed to say they do–what do you call imprisoning almost two hundred children, holding prisoners indefinitely without charge or trial, holding people in refugee camps indefinitely, and treating a segment of its population as second-class citizens based on ethnicity and religion? The Palestinian governments play a role here and the anti-Semitism in the Middle East is deplorable, but how can we address it as long as we do things that fuel their hatred and provide fodder for their propaganda? There is a dangerous ethical and logical precedent set by refusing to allow for a debate about these issues. It is in Israel’s best interests to allow a conversation–to do otherwise, to shut all criticism down as anti-Semitic, gives legitimacy to our detractors.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Can you point to someone’s mind I need to change on Syria? I don’t think there is any group in the US or the West that has any support for the regime there. The country is already subject to sanctions. There is an ongoing attempt to help the rebels defeat the government. The only area of disagreement is whether further effort would be counterproductive or not.

    But it is all to obvious that I need to change your mind on Israel and make you acknowledge that the system is inherently racist and inherently bigoted. You cannot call yourself a progressive if you support a state that considers non-Jews to have different rights to Jews. You cannot call yourself ‘reality based’ if you deny that is what is going on in Israel.

    Just as ‘state rights’ was really code for racism, so is ‘Israel’s right to exist’ a code for a different type of racism. What is left off in both cases is what the right relates to. In the case of the south it was ‘States rights to exist as segregated societies’, nope, no such right exists in the constitution, the 14th amendment specifically denies that right. In the case of Israel it is ‘Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state operating under an apartheid system’, again: No.

    There can only be peace there if the state recognizes that every one living within the borders controlled by Israel have equal rights. The two state solution is now dead, it always was dead, the only purpose of the two state solution was to allow US Zionists to feel good about Israel.

    I write quite frequently on Syria, Iran and other ME states. There are some people who only criticize Israel but I am certainly not one of them. Sheltering Israel by accusing all critics of wearing jackboots deserves only contempt.

  • monkeymonkey22

    While I agree with your later points that antisemitism has no political affiliation and that it is universal and eternal I have to take issue with your historical and political points. While Israel was initially chartered by the West in its early years it was not allies with the US as it is today. In its early history it was more aligned with the Soviets. Additionally, while the US and Israel are close allies Israel is far from a puppet or client state to the US. It regularly takes independent actions that infuriate the US government. Why not the same vitriol for Egypt who historically receives as much aid as Israel does? Also, I’m not sure you can compare what is going on with Israel and the hostile populations in the occupied territories to what goes on in the rest of the ME. Syria’s government has killed many times more of its own innocent civilians in the last 12 months than have died in the entire Israli/Palistinian conflict. Saudi Arabia subjugates half of its population (women), hundreds of thousands were killed in the Suddan, I can go on and on yet there seems to be an obsession with Israel. You clearly hold Israel to a different standard than the rest of the Middle East and that is RACIST. Either you are saying because the Jews are Westerners they should act more civilized than the Arabs or you are an antisemite who simply wants to call out the Jews.

    As to your point calling the “right of return” racist and despicable, that ignores the history of the Jews. Antisemitism is a unique phenomenon (when I say unique I mean it in a literal sense in that there has never been anything else like it). For two thousand years the Jews have been persecuted in every country they have been in. There is no other culture with this experience. I hope that when the worm turns in the US as it almost inevitably will just as it has in every other country we have been successful in (Spain in the 1400’s, Germany in the 1930’s, etc) that Israel still exists and is there to protect your kids.

  • That’s your opinion. If by anti-Zionism you mean opposition to the existence of a Jewish state, in my book – and in the books of the majority of liberal US Jews – that would be a clear example of anti-Semitism. Sharansky has come up with quite an easy test for whether a particular anti-Israel statement is anti-Semitic. He called it 3D test. Google it, if you want to know more about it.

    As an example, “karmanot’s” use of “Shoah against the Palestinians” would fall under anti-Semitic. Why? Because there are no 6 million Palestinian dead. Hell, even Asad is guilty of killing more Arabs (and non-Arab Syrians) than Israelis.

  • Jajajalol


  • ARP

    Not sure if you know, but the term “family,” is also an old-ish gay code word. S/He’s family= they’re one of us, they’re gay.

  • Schrödinger’s Dog

    All too very true, the part that has always had me wondering is that the American religious right completely abandon Palestinian [and other Arab/Armenian] Christians. Of course they are mostly Catholic or Orthodox [of one shade/combination or another] and do not meet ‘evangelical’ standards.

  • :-)

  • One cannot begin any discussion on Israel with the assumption that Jews are god’s Chosen people. It’s a complete and absurd mythic construct. For example, there is not one shred of archeological evidence that Moses even existed, much less led a slave revolt that parted the Red Sea, Absolutely no Ramasean evidence even refers to such an event. The Jews that did rise were viscous occupiers of tribal lands and merciless war mongers.

  • Mike Meyer

    It stands as it is!!!

  • This is a bit of a broad brush. The right wing of Christianity actually has a few different takes on Jews as a people. Which they view as separate from that prophecy about Israel as a nation.

    One is that they are God’s Chosen People, but they need to convert and repent.

    Another is the above, plus if they don’t repent they deserve whatever they get.

    Both of these could be characterized as anti-Semitic.

    The one that can’t quite is the not-insignificant segment of the right-wing that believes that Jews will go to Heaven as well because they are God’s Chosen People.

    As for politics regarding Israel, many (but not all) in each of these groups are pro-Israel because they believe in a literal prophecy that required the recreation of Israel (check), a rebuilding of the Temple (not gonna happen in this lifetime given who controls the Temple Mount), and a regional war between Israel and other, unspecified nations that eventually plunges the entire globe into thermonuclear conflict, plague, death, and the Apocalypse.

    These traditions, vary, of course as to at which point all the “righteous” will be plucked up, leaving the rest of us to suffer the remaining tribulations of the End of Days.

    So, pro-Israel and anti-Semitic (or at least anti-Jewish with regards to their faith), can and often do walk hand-in-hand on the Christian Right without the least idea that they appear to be contradicting themselves, as Rios just did.

  • cold340t

    How many Countries threw them out? Historically speaking?

  • Indigo

    That was my great grandmother and I never had the honor to meet her.

  • Stev84

    There are other countries in the Middle East that the British created by drawing lines on a map after the end of Ottoman Empire. Especially in the area between Israel and Iran. Iraq for example. A state made up of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds would never have come about naturally.

    Jordan and Syria are other examples. The borders of both countries were determined in a treaty according to the British and French spheres of influence after WWI.

  • pappyvet

    We’ve seen this sort of thing before.

  • freewayblogger

    At least since the Manson’s broke up… still not sure about the Partridge Family though – single mother and all that… Plus, I heard that “I Think I Love You” is about heroin.

  • There’s three groups or factors at work here.

    (1) Groups like the AFA and the religious wingnuts want their Armageddon. Their support for Judaism and Israel extends only so far as to set up the conditions necessary for their prophecies to come true, as they believe them. So Israel must have the ancient borders, Jerusalem must be internationally recognized as the capital, and the temple needs to be rebuilt. (BTW, when groups like the AFA make blatantly anti-semitic remarks, they show themselves to be what they are: Religiously-affiliated and -motivated, with social politics and activism merely a means to their ends. Their goals really do include the imposition of fundamentalist Christian theocratic law in America.) The political right-wing embraces these groups because they are a reliable source of financial support and votes. Anyway, they indulge in the anti-semitism openly like this because one doesn’t believe in a religious prophecy that will result in Jews being wiped out if, in your heart, you don’t also believe they somehow deserve it.

    (2) The imperialists, who see Israel as the most reliable and solid client-state America has ever had. The only price being that America isn’t allowed to object to anything they do within their own borders — which are presumed to be both the officially recognized 1967 borders AND all the occupied territories. They truly don’t care what the Israelis do to the non-Jews living there, just so long as the government remains stable and ostensibly listens whenever the U.S. does bestir itself to ask them not to do something to antagonize their neighbors. The imperialists are not actually racist or anti-semitic, but their unjudging pragmatism and desire for a solid ally client-state in the Middle East prevents them from criticizing Israel’s anti-Arab policies. These are the same types, by the way, who supported South Africa’s apartheid government, long after the rest of the world and much of the public had turned them into a pariah state.

    (3) The politicians, who view American Jewish voters as a block to be courted, and again, the cornerstone for this is blanket support for Israel, no matter what they do over there. These are the ones who also seek the support of those first two groups: The religiously motivated for base support and votes, and the imperialists for the oligarchic entrenched political power support, along with their deep ties to the military-industrial complex. Some are true believers in one of those two positions — apocalypse (Bachmann) or empire (Bolton) — and some see support for those positions merely as a means to fulfill their own personal ambitions. The rank-and-file politicians however are for the most part the ones who, if the wind was blowing in a different direction, would either moderate or disavow their previous public positions.

  • Zionists in Israel view Zionists in the GOP as useful tools, obviously. They’re not worried about Jesus coming back and killing them, because what rational person would be?

  • Except that Mormons consider themselves as a lost tribe of Israel.

  • “what are we talking about” Not Jacob’s ladder silly, Sara’s Circle!

  • True that. I guess “family” has become one of those code words, a shorthand term for a constellation of beliefs that really don’t have much to do with families. To say that one is “pro-family” is really to say that you have a certain set of beliefs about sex. “Values” is a similar such term, meaning much the same thing.

  • MyrddinWilt

    Umm because logic and consistency have no place in their movement?

    Hate is completely irrational.

    People don’t hate Jews or Gays, or Black people. They hate ‘People who are not like me and my tribe’. Being gay, Jewish, etc is merely the attribute that makes them unlike.

    ‘Good Jews’ like Kristol etc. are part of the tribe and so the question is not asked.

    These people get wound up about Jewish bankers controlling the world but are entirely unphased by the Romneys and the Koch’s doing in fact what they accuse non-existent Jewish cabals of doing.

  • It’s nothing but that.

  • Listen very carefully to your mother and do exactly what she says! And, eat everything on your plate….. :-)

  • Well done……+ Like

  • Might want to rephrase that bud.

  • Skeptical Cicada

    Actually, I hear “powerful Jewish forces” and I think anti-Semitism. :)

  • MyrddinWilt

    Israel is the only country in the ME that the West has essentially created from scratch. So the degree of culpability there is a lot greater than in the rest of the region. It is also the only government that is a defacto US client state. The US has far more influence in Israel than any other country does. If the US Congress was to pass a bill condemning the settlements, Israel would be forced to shut them down.

    Israel is currently operating an apartheid system that discriminates against half the people living inside its borders because they are not Jewish. Recognizing women’s and LGBT equality does not count when non Jews born in Israel have second class status to my children who have never been to Israel, let alone have citizenship. Yet a despicable, racist law says they have an automatic ‘right’ to citizenship. Israel is the only state left that has that type of racism embedded into law in that way.

    The US has the ability to end that practice. Pressing the US government to act is entirely legitimate. Pretending that only anti-semites get offended by this situation is self-deception. Plenty of Jews, plenty of Israeli Jews are also disgusted by what Israel has turned into and even more so by what Likud wants to turn it into.

    That said, the far left and the far right both have anti-semitic elements. Neither is uniformly anti-semitic. The neo-cons started as Trotskyites but flipped to become informers for McCarthy then wingnuts. Same people, same ideas, different rhetoric. Plenty of anti-semites made the same flip. The Stalinists were virulently anti-semitic which is why the neo-cons had to become Trotskyites. Plenty of modern neo-NAZIs were communists at one time.

    What is notable is that while the far left is completely excluded from the Democratic party, the GOP embraces its the far right with open arms. Chomsky is fairly middle of the road by UK left terms, he would never be invited to speak at a Democratic party convention.

  • Let’s start with operating an apartheid system, settlements, confiscated lands, prison camp cities, destruction of infrastructure, denial of the right to move freely, control of water and confiscation of rich farmland, the list goes on. Nobody can deny the historic weight of the holocaust, but the Shoa committed against the Palestinian people is no less evil in its devastating effects. Many on the far left support legitimate Israeli autonomy and strongly condemn its ultra right wing political government.,

  • Mike Meyer

    BOTH sides get PAID-N-US-BUCKS, to kill each other.(but then, ain’t that America, U&ME, babe?)

  • Mike Meyer

    AGREED! And if one looks at history, they ALL take a shot at trying to kill US off, one time or another.

  • Anyone who could conceive Charlton Heston with bad hair,a filthy caftan and a magic wand, as Moses is in serious trouble.

  • Indigo

    What are “powerful Jewish forces” and how do I get one to help me stay solvent?

  • Catholics have over a thousand year history of murdering women and gays. They are the regressive Christian ninjas of slaughter and bigotry.

  • True, I always think of Father Knows Best, or the Flintstones or the Simpson’s, or the holy family, of course.

  • And here we go again: Powerful Jewish Forces = ( whisper, whisper—-The Elders of Zion and the New World Order.)

  • MyrddinWilt

    I am not up on wingnut Eschatology, but I was under the impression that Israel had to be wiped off the map IN ORDER to kill 2/3rds of them.

    Israel has to exist to be wiped off the map. And off course a peace treaty would stop that happening, as would a one state solution.

    There is a deep strain of anti-semitism in the GOP. Only the cynics are trusted to join the leadership but they have to lead a lot of bigots by the nose.

  • nicho

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I mentioned to a Jewish friend (who is very pro-Israel) that the Christian right was only interested in getting all the Jews into Israel so that Jesus could finally come and kill those who wouldn’t covert. His answer. “I don’t care as long as they help us do what we want.”

  • Too true! “Family” is usually code for homophobic and misogynistic efforts.

  • I think the question is: is anti-Zionism tantamount to antisemitism? I’m inclined to say no; while I wholeheartedly agree that the far left is blind in its criticism of Israel, I don’t think that hyper-criticism reflects a hatred of Jews in general. Criticism against Israel can reach a fevered pitch in this country, not because of antisemitism but because we give truckloads of aid to them and give them a free pass in our media, no matter how many atrocities are committed against Palestinians–as a Jew, even writing that makes me uncomfortable, but it is undeniable. Israel is such a paradox. As you point out, they’re very progressive on social issues, but only for their side. They’re a nation expressly founded as a haven for one of the most oppressed groups in the West, yet they continue to oppress an entire people, blind to the fact that they’ve been on the receiving end and should know better. I was raised to love Israel, and as a concept I do, but I could never pilgrimage there with a clear conscience as long as the Palestinians are treated so poorly. Obviously, Palestinian leadership has a vested interest in keeping the conflict going and there’s blood on everyone’s hands, but Israel has the resources and our support, so it’s not a fair fight. I don’t think Anti-Zionism equals antisemitism.

  • MonkeyMonkey22

    I think it boils down to two things. One is that Israel has so few allies that it needs to take them wherever it can find them and secondly the religious right provides a tremendous amount of money in a variety of ways.

  • Drew2u

    Liar! Team Jacob all the way! Wait, what are we talking about?

  • I suppose it’s the “my enemy’s enemy” thing. But still, I’d be very cautious about an ally who thinks you’re the devil, and that you killed their savior.

  • MonkeyMonkey22

    Though I’m as left as you get and Jewish, antisemitism is extremely prevalent on the edges of both sides of the political spectrum. It seems to be the one thing that unites both the far right and the far left. Generally in recent years on the right it presents itself with excuses around social issues and concern about undermining “Christian” values and on the left it presents itself as irrational hostility toward Israel. Before anyone says that criticizing Israel is reasonable when Israel does bad things, that is obvious but the vitriol that the far left has for the only country in the Middle East that supports lgbt/women’s/environmental rights is obviously based on something other than policy. You almost never hear of campus groups protesting the horrors that are perpetrated throughout the Middle East and Africa that dwarf anything that Israel has ever done. Why is that? Israel is held to a very different standard by the left than the Saudis, Iranians, Sudanese, Egyptians, etc. because of underlying antisemitism.

  • I think the same about right-wing Catholics cozying up with evangelical rabble-rousers just because they both hate abortion or think gays are icky. Surely they must realize that their allies think of them as heathen idolaters?

  • Whenever an organization has “Family” in its name somewhere, it’s a right-wing loony bin. It seems to be an invariable law of politics.

  • I’ve always scratched my head at how Zionists are in bed with the Religious Right when it is no secret that they look down on anyone who isn’t Christian. The cognitive dissonance for the sake of political gain astounds me.

  • FLL

    No surprises here. American Jews have always polled the highest regarding support for marriage equality and gay rights in general. Most current polls report about three quarters of American Jews supporting marriage equality, which is significantly above the current national average of about 58%. Why wouldn’t the Religious Right hate Jews? You can find a summary of some recent polls of Jewish support for marriage equality here.

  • A_nonymoose

    And they wonder why we call them Nazis.

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