Jon Stewart on CNN 2.0 (video)

Jon Stewart is not a fan of the ‘new’ CNN.


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  • Hue-Man is the Canadian site with Daily Show, Colbert Report and the Canadian comedy shows (that don’t get bleeped like American shows).

  • CNN, just FOX news wearing a more expensive suit and using a few big words, like ‘narrative.’

  • OH god, they’re blocked? Chris has that problem in Paris, can’t always see the same videos I can. Seems a bit absurd. Can’t you use an IP blocker, like anonymizer?

  • Wildeye

    Broadcast news is dead. All hail infotainment!

    Not that I mind. I’ve always prefered reading my news rather than watching talking heads and looped video anyway.

  • mark_in_toronto

    Jeeez . . . it would REALLY be nice if we in Canada could watch Comedy Central videos. Guess I’ll have to go STEAL it somewhere.

  • The ‘new’ CNN is, if such can be imagined, even worse than it’s been the last decade, after they sold their souls to the Bush administration for the Iraq war.

    It’s like they’re trying to imitate Fux News — but do it ineptly, amateurishly, and with no journalism OR entertainment value whatsoever.

    Which is really a shame, because when they first went on the air, it was like, “OMG, real, in-dept news 24-7.” Now they’ve devolved into tabloid hacks.

  • Straightnotnarrow

    Fox for conservatives. MSNBC for liberals. And CNN for the airport. Problem?

  • condew

    So we have faux news and now virtual news, anything but real news.

  • pappyvet

    CNN ?……whats a CNN ?

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