Hyundai’s “suicide ad” was a really bad idea

Hyundai produced an ad to showcase how environmentally-friendly their cars are.  In fact, the new hydrogen-powered Hyundai ix35 has 100 percent water in its exhaust.  Thus, if you’re trying to kill yourself with your car, you won’t be able to.  And Hyundai decided to show people this fact, in an ad.

Some days you have to wonder who thinks up advertisements like this and how anyone approves them. The ad has been pulled from the air, but the damage is already done.

It doesn’t take much to find depression in every family and suicide is never far away. As much as I like a good joke, this was not funny. I don’t think that I’m alone when I say that this was a seriously bad idea by Hyundai.

The ad keeps getting pulled from YouTube, so if it doesn’t work below, try this YouTube link and attempt a few of the other videos.

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