Huge explosion at fertilizer plant near Waco, TX

Waco, TX.  Where have I heard of that place before?  There’s been a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas, not far from the town of Waco, TX – the 20th anniversary of the raid on which is this coming Friday, April 19. Heckuva coincidence.

Spectacular explosion & fire at a Texas fertilizer plant ... on Twitpic

Image via Jonathan Wald

Witnesses say it sounded like a bomb went off. There are apparently a lot of injuries.

A fire had broken out at the plant earlier and it exploded when firefighters were trying to put it out.

Reportedly, houses were leveled for a five block radius, and they heard the blast at least 45 miles, with some reports saying they either heard of felt it in Dallas, 100 miles away.

No one is talking terrorism, at this point. But sure is an odd weak of coincidences:

Monday – Boston Marathon bombing
Tuesday – Ricin mailings to Senate and Obama
Wednesday – Waco-ish fertilizer explosion

And Monday was Patriot’s Day and Tax Day, and Friday is the 20th anniversary of Waco and it’s the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing where they used fertilizer as the bomb.

Watch this video, below.  The real explosion starts around 25 seconds into it. And the poor kid. Wow.






And this is live video from local TV in Texas:

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