“It makes news because of the f*gs,” says HCA employee of bias charge

A former employee of Research Medical Center, and a current employee of a Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) subsidiary – HCA is the parent company of Research Medical – says the hospital does not discriminate against “f*gs.”

On a local news channel’s Facebook page, HCA employee Paula Grant was arguing in the comments with people upset over the ongoing controversy regarding, Roger Gorley, a gay man handcuffed and dragged away from his gay spouse’s hospital bedside after the hospital apparently-insufficiently tried to verify that he was responsible for his spouse’s medical decisions.

Here are two screen shots from HCA employee Paula Grant’s comments on Fox4News’ Facebook page today:



Grant’s Facebook profile, and LinkedIn profile, both back up the claim that she is a current, and past, HCA employee.


A word of advice for HCA: Usually when asserting you don’t discriminate, it’s best to avoid calling your patients “f*gs.”

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