Gay couple or straight friends? Jimmy Kimmel tests the audience’s gaydar

Jimmy Kimmel interviews some couples on the street and has the audience guess whether they’re gay couples or straight friends. It’s surprisingly hard to tell for a number of them.

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  • pappyvet

    Sigh, it is a shame that it matters

  • Mike_in_the_Tundra

    My partner and I were nine years apart in age. There were many times that people asked if I was his son even when our children were with us. He hated that, and I loved it.

  • keirmeister

    In college, I was with my best friend and I met his sister for the first time. I’m straight and he’s gay, but back then he hadn’t come out to his family. By the time we left, he was feeling worried that his sister thought we were a couple because we kept finishing each other’s sentences. I hadn’t even realized we were doing it, but it was kinda funny.

  • People mistake my partner and me for brothers all the time. We’re asked at least a couple of times a month (always by straight people) if we’re twins and, when we say no, if we’re brothers. First of all, it’s not their business. But, it’s interesting that the people who ask don’t even conceive that we could be partners. When we finally say “We’re related by marriage” they finally get it.

  • Steve_in_CNJ

    WTF? Is there no such thing as “gay friends”? That’s what the older guy from Indianapolis wanted to say.

  • Sweetie

    Yeah, the gay couple wasn’t exactly tough to spot. The audience, if people noticed, labeled all the men gay couples. This is related to social obsession with masculinity, the worship of masculinity and the obsessive desire to root out all challenges to it (like male effeminacy).

  • Sweetie

    He had a good sense of humor.

  • samizdat

    Not watching the video, some of those pictured look like siblings. Ha, right about the two, anyway!

    “Have you ever played Tetris?” Lol!

    “What is it about her that you don’t find attractive?” “Her vagina?” Zziiing!

  • I’ve occasionally wondered if my partner and I come across like a couple in public. One friend has told me it’s pretty obvious by body language. Then there was the time I was told, “You two look related. Father and son?” We’re nine years apart >_<

  • Alison

    The older guy from Indianapolis sounded like he thought that the gay couple idea was a good one, even if the younger guy didn’t.

  • nicho

    Or it could be that your Gaydar is finely tuned. Not everyone’s is.

  • Aye, they needed a much, much larger sample size.

  • CSStrowbridge

    I got them all right. Just going by the law of averages, only one pair would be a gay couple, and there was one that was easier to guess than the others.

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